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Nine Days! And...

Did I miss the big announcement that Battlestar Galactica is moving to 9:00 est? Now I knew the season premiere next Friday was at 9:00 because they are airing two episodes. But I just saw something for a future episode and it listed the airtime as 9:00 sooooo I went to take a peak at the Sci-Fi Friday schedule for September and this is what I found:


I'm not upset by this move, I think it could be a good thing, but shouldn't this have been advertised more? I can't have been the only one who thought the 9pm airtime next week (Eeeee!!!) was a one time thing.

This is a spoiler free zone, but I have to say, after weeks of very little information, I've seen so much today my head is about to explode. :)

In the latest edition of spot the BSG actor, I got back-to-back sitings watching Dead Like Me last night. Nicki Clyne as one scary babysitter and Claudette Mink (Shevon - 'Black Market') as a, I'm not sure what to call her, groupie? I'm also contemplating buying this show on DVD. Must look for sales.

I fell asleep during Bones, but I DVR'd it! Before dozing, I did catch some very nice glimpses of a half dressed David. I hope someone is making icons. ;) And I think Justice may have lost me. Putting aside the really, *really* bad writing in the first five minutes, I happen to work for a corporate law firm and the way they depicted corporate attorneys was insulting. Sure, there are some, um, well, people I don't care for personally in my firm, but they know how to behave in deposition or a courtroom.
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I heard about it cause I think it was in SciFi's press release about their new Friday line-up (same time I heard they'd be rerunning Heroes at 7pm). But they definitely didn't shout it from the rooftops, so it makes sense that it might not be common knowledge.

The premiere is so soon omigod!
I just learned about the 'Heroes' reruns this week so I might be a step behind some folks. And maybe I'm use to the networks making a big deal out of moving their top shows. (I'm looking at you ABC and those endless 'Grey's Anatomy' commercials.)

I am a little concerned about BSG being the only true new show amongst repeats, reairings, and a show that has already been downloaded by many, but there is a lot of quality there and I think an hour earlier (for me at least ;) could be a good thing.
If Sci Fi had moved BSG to Thursday nights, then we definitely would've heard about it! :) But a one hour bump on a Friday I guess isn't Earth shattering. It's nice though cause it means less waiting around - I always got so antsy on Fri nights, like, why isn't it 10pm yet??!!
I haven't paid attention to what time shows start since approximately a week after getting the TiVO. Which is odd in this case, since I plan to watch BSG live.
*points up* That's exactly what I was going to say. I barely register what channel anything is on anymore.
You're welcome!

Probably because I watch quite a bit of the network (Stargate, Dead Like Me) I've been bombarded with commercials telling me it's "Friday at nine." But if it's the only show on Sci-Fi you watch, yeah, there's my point about more publicity about the time change!
Dude, you like Dead Like Me! I really loved that show before they cancelled it. Rube was awesome. At first, I *hated* Dolores, but I have to hand it to them - she seamlessly became part of the furniture of the show and I'd have missed her as much as any of them by the end.

Nice to see BSG getting the prime time slot. They'll need all the help they can get if they're going up against the big shows on the major networks.

Also - has thesecretcylon been deleted? I'm not sure what's up with that...
Well, crap. Did you see the post earlier today from Ysrith? Apparently some idiots copied chunks of posts and posted them in their LJs when the original posts explicitly said not to. I think you know which ones I mean. She was upset, rightly so, and said in comments that she was thinking of just shuting the site down. Now, this may be temporary while she does some housekeeping or it could be permenant. I hope we all don't have to suffer for a few bad apples. I liked the convenience of the site and there were some nice discussions going.

As for 'Dead Like Me' I missed it in it's original run becuase it ran on a pay station that I didn't get. I was on the fence watching the first season, but people were right, the second season is very good. Mason and Daisy stopped annoying me!

Got your e-mail. I shall have thoughts this evening. ;-)
Go check her journal - looks like it's gone for good... *sigh* I'd be more upset but it's not like I'm willing to step up and start a comm for spoilers. Plus it sounds like the breach caused some serious issues - and given where some of those spoilers came from and TPTB's reaction to those last serious spoilers; I can understand that.

I'm still floored that I actually started liking Daisy.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, but no hurry. It was a pretty long email. :)
I understand her decision. It's just extremely unfortunate for everyone who didn't break the rules. And I feel really bad for the person who was being so nice and generous. The thing I loved about the comm was that everything got picked up and posted there so I didn't have to go around various sites. I guess I'll have to do that now. Unless someone else starts another comm. I'd be willing to help, but, yeah, I'm not sure I have the energy or time to start and maintain one.
I was going to email you about that since I only get to hit my communities irregularly these days and was looking forward to a nice long weekend read. Boooooo!! What total asshats ruining it for everyone else
First--how bloody happy am I that I get to use this icon again??

Second, like you, I thought this Friday was a one-time thing. The new schedule is just, well, weird. I had heard something this past week about BSG being on regularly at 9 which I wasn't terribly happy about, but I was shocked to see what else was on the schedule besides Who. I hope the schedule isn't off-putting enough to folks who are going to be new to BSG this fall, because really, I'm not seeing the love. It always seemed to me that the show in the 10pm spot on Sciffy Fri always got the best rating, and that includes when SG-1 held that spot of honour. Why put a rerun from another network, no less in that coveted place? Bah.