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I found my CW affiliate

I watched about five minutes of Smallville and then turned to Ugly Betty. I didn't get the rave reviews it had garnered until about half way into it. You really do fall in love with Betty thanks to America Ferrera. I feared Eric Mabius was playing the same assholish character he did on Eyes, but he dodged that bullet. Still not sure about the rest of the characters. Though I don't think it's possible that Vanessa Williams could look more fabulous.

I then flipped over to Supernatural because a substantial portion of my Flist have joined the Cult of the Winchester Brothers. I enjoyed it more than I expected and even though this is only the second epsiode I've ever seen I was surprisingly moved by the ending. Wow. Jeffrey Dean Morgan cannot cut a break! First they off him on 'Grey's Anatomy' and now on this. I heard he has a mid-season replacement in the works. I'll cross my fingers for him.

Turning over to give Six Degrees another try, I caught the end of Grey's Anatomy. OMG, the had a guy just getting out of the shower and juggling the towel that isn't quite big enough! One of the writers saw 'The final Cut'. Though this guy's hip bone can't compare. ;p
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