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Now that's what I call a webisode

I just finished watching this past weeks webisodes and after being rather Meh about them, along comes Episode 8. Doral, you magnificent, manipulative bastard, I shall now love to hate you. Unlike Six, Sharon, and D'Anna, we haven't really gotten to know much about the Doral model. He's always seemed less emotional than the other models, even Simon, but I think that may make him an even bigger threat, You cannot read this guy at all. And oh how he played poor frightened Jammer. Tyrol was right, he wouldn't come right out and betray them, but what if he thinks he's saving lives instead of assisting in taking them? I have to say I think this webisode will greatly enrich what we are about to see play out in the series. I also don't think it's a coincidence this webisode was about four minutes in length. 90 seconds or less is not adequate time to tell us much of anything nor fully engage our attention.

I was skimming the Sci-Fi forum and I noticed Mrs Ron posted that Mary will be appearing on the Today show tomorrow at 8:30. Set your DVRs/VCRs or for our friends overseas look to You Tube. ;)
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I have to say I think this webisode will greatly enrich what we are about to see play out in the series.

See, and that pisses me off. I haven't been watching them because, well, I don't want to, and I shouldn't have to in order to watch the show. Bleh.

Ignore me, I'm just a curmudgeon...:\
Honestly, theyhave not been that exciting and several I thought were pretty pointless. But in addition to this webisode there is some pretty important background on Duck in others and that information could be mentioned on the show, but maybe not. I'd wait until Thursday and watch them all back to back. It will take you about a half hour and maybe worth it to you.
I frakking love Doral now. He is a tiny, menacing man-robot.

P.S. I totally just snagged that same icon as you! Likemindedness is fun!
I've always been rather meh on Doral, but now I'm looking forward to see what is in store for him. :)
i think the prob with the webisodes is that they're way too short. am putting them all together once the last one airs, and somehow i'm positive that watching them together (sort of like a short regular episode), will greately add to their impact.

i LOVED webisode #8 too, and was insanly happy to get to see more of doral. i was always quite curious about his character, alas, we got very little until now.

i shall be refreshing that youtube page every 30 seconds tomorrow night. :)
If I have time, I think I'll watch them all back-to-back Thursday night. It might making an interesting mini episode, but, you are correct, the too brief times lessens any impact. With this webisode I felt like I was watching an entire scene that could have been in an episode, but cut for time.
Yes, I agree! It's great to see more of Doral's cold manipulation. He's a lot like Six without the sex-kitten act.

I was mostly impressed by how I thought it was going to be a straight "join the NCP, help us prevent this from happening again!" and actually it was something more subtle. The kind of turn around I enjoy and expect from BSG. By pissing off Jammer with the NCP offer we both establish Jammer as a man of integrity and Doral also tricks Jammer into thinking what he's doing is the *lesser* of evils, when in fact it'll cause so much more devastation.

Aah, BSG.
You put it much better than I did. And Doral was so nice! I almost was sucked in by the guy!