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Final Dragon*Con Post

Yeah, I know this is a little late. Maybe not that late, it was only a month ago. It seems longer. I miss everyone!

Some woman at one of the Serenity Q&A’s asked Alan Tudyk for a hug. He politely said no because he’s girlfriend wouldn’t allow it. She doesn’t feel comfortable with him having such close contact with the fans. Personally, I think it was just a good excuse to say NO.

I noticed at the last Stargate panel that when Torri, Rachel, and that other actress whose name I forget had to excuse themselves to go catch their plane some guy standing at the exit with a baby stopped them. It seemed he wanted to take pictures of them holding his child. I noticed Torri kept going, which might have seemed rude, while the other two stayed to pose for pictures, but, hello? plane to catch dumbass.

Kavan Smith kept making these jokes about being drunk while filming SGA. Given what goes on at DC, I wouldn’t have been making those jokes. :p

I think danceswithwords feared having to restrain me every time we passed Kevin Sorbo or we heard his name mentioned. $30 for an autograph? Puh-leeze. And according to the sign he had up he was also selling a variety of merchandise.

Speaking of merchandising, I have to mention this one because it had DWW and I hurrying to get clear of Virginia Hey's table before laughter overcame us. Virginia, in addition to selling autographs and meditation CDS (hey, if an actor sang I’d expect those CDs to be displayed so I can kind of see this) was also selling soap and candles. sdwolfpup you don’t know how close you came to receiving a bar of soap in the mail. ;) Luckily, you were saved once I caught a glimpse of her prices on our second walk through. $25 for a candle?! Partylite is cheaper than that!

Any James Marsters fans remember his old Con manager Julie Caitlin Brown? She's still pissing people off! I don't know what she did, but the other actors were gossiping abour her.

I haven’t found a way to utilize it yet, but look for NFI (No Fraking Idea) to pop up in future posts.

And danceswithwords neglected to mention this in her posts (I don’t know why?) but she was touched by Rip Taylor. Which totally alluded her. She just thought it was some random crazy person at the Con.

That incident was not quite as amusing as having the opportunity to watch Revenge of the Sith with her. I think her reactions were mostly “Oh my God” and “Are they serious?" and lots of uncontrolled laughing.

Sunday night DWW, molly_may and I had just sat down to dinner at some Asian fusion restaurant (after circling the block for about 45 minutes looking for some place with the ability to feed us in a reasonable amount of time) when Summer Glau and Erin Grey walked in. They ate out on the patio and DWW was worried I would embarrass us all as I tried to spy on them just a wee bit through the window. I can’t tell you much other than when something apparently was missing from their table, Erin got up and got it herself. And it was amusing to watch a squadron of Stormtroopers walked by as they sat and ate.

After dinner, DWW and I went to carrielee’s room and, in what I’ll declare to be a tradition after doing it for two years, watched the Masquerade on TV. In addition to swapping con stories and mocking what we were watching, we also got into a BSG discussion involving Cylon memories and downloading amongst other things. I found out later that Carrie’s friend Peyton declared that to be just about the geekiest thing she ever witnessed. I’m so proud!

Tomorrow there will be much fanfic to rejoice in, I hope, as the ficathon fics are due. :)

Oh, and is anyone else not getting e-mail notifications from LJ? They appear in my message center (like I asked for that!), but no e-mails and I have not changed any settings.
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