Asta 2


For beccatoria and any other overseas folks who just cannot wait, there is a link up at bsg_news for the first act of the BSG season premiere.
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awesome! thank you! i'm not watching it, but am downloading it for my brother the spoilerwhore. :)
i know, but then i'll be even more stressed out until the premiere. and besides, if i was able to wait for 6 months, what are a few more extra days? :)

he LOVED it, btw. :)
Wow, good thing there's nothing illegal mentioned in this post or I have had to be ABSOLUTELEY MASSIVELY grateful to you, and we can't have that...


In other news, I am now pretty much doomed to be a Kara/Leoben shipper. The alternaships, they spite me...
We should start the alternaships community. Our slogan can be 'You may think you're alone, but you're not!'

And, btw, there is a Kara/Leoben Comm. ;)