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Since not everyone or everything is connected yet, a breakdown by character.

Nathan: OK, I think he's known about his gift (though he seems to view it as more of a curse - and what was with the sweating? Did he run up the stairs?) for some time, but he seems very fearful to reveal anything about it, even to family. Is it just his political career he worries about or is it more than that? It does seem that he genuinely loves his brother, but he just can't wrap his head around why Peter is so excited about his discovery.

Peter: Wow. He had a boat load of information handed to him. I find it a little hard to believe that he was so oblivious to his father's depression, though I can buy the fact he didn't know dad commited suicide. And I appreciated that mom didn't just think he was depressed and wanted to end his life, but that it was "delusions of granduer" - an early symptom - that caused him to jump. People thinking he was 'crazy' would get old fast. Though I saw it coming, it was still pretty cool to see *his* reaction to walking on air.

Niki: I think it's safe to say her other self, whether that psyche exists in her or is a seperate entity, cleaned up the mess and threw the bodies in the trunk in that missing four hours. The only thing that isn't clear is whose body was that out in the desert? And did she put it there?

Matt: I almost forgot about Greg! Nice that they felt comfortable introducing a main character late in the second episode. My one problem with this storyline is that the detective arrested him because a) he found the little girl and b) mentioned the name Silar which, yes, she did say out loud while he was around. That makes him a suspect for murder? And I'm sure he has an alibi (hello? on duty) when the murderers took place. It was a really silly moment.

Hiro: As was Hiro picking up the gun. I may have hollered at the screen. I hate it when people do such stupid things. On the otherhand, Hiro's story provided two cool moments. First, the discovery of the comic book, written by Isaac, who can see the future. Then the ending which I did not see coming. November 8 is the big day apparently and now Hiro has time to try and do something about it.

Isaac: Man am I glad he really didn't have his brain removed.

Mihinder: Winner of this weeks Helo award for being pretty, but dumb. Let me get this straight, he trusts no one, yet this woman shows up claiming to be best buddies with his father and he lets her in on EVERYTHING. Yes, they didn't kill you because this is the real set-up. Grrrrr.

Claire: This is actually about Claire's daddy who, damn, is evil apparently. Sigh. I was really hoping for him not knowing about his daughter's talent and then coming to grips with her being one of the people he's hunting. A crisis of conscience.

And on a note that applies to the creators, can we turn the gore down a notch? Thanks.
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