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The Nine

To be honest, this show could have not been good and I'd probably still stick with it. For those of you who don't know, I love Tim Daly. Like Gary Cole, he's an actor who never made it to A list status, but can be immensly interesting to watch (OK, and easy on the eyes ;). If they're in it, I'm giving it more than a fair shot.

The true test, for me, of a very good show is one that, within the first ten minutes, makes me stop what I'm doing and pay attention. Ladies and gentleman, we have a winner.

I know it's pivitol to the story's structure that nothing be revealed quickly as to what exactly happened in those 52 hours. But it's a brillinat move because if more had been presented as to what happened it would have had a been there, done that feel and I would have quickly lost interest. We've all seen hostage movies and we all know how they turn out.

I loved the morsols we got as to the characters actions. Nick, the flawed hero with the gambling problem, anger, and bitterness - dear writers, you know me so well! - tries to do the right thing and fails thanks to outside interferecce. Egan seems to be a genuine hero, throwing himself in the line of fire, perhaps helping, perhaps not, but it's the intent he should get credit for. Granted, he was ready to kill himself two days earlier, but this seemed more the act of a man embracing life rather than throwing it away. I only hope he now finds the strength to dump that horrible wife.

Whatever Jeremy's "moment" was it was not good, at least in the eyes of Lizzie. Perhaps the brilliant doctor (and what is it with Scott Wolf playing doctors?) succombed to a moment of cowardice. And why was Malcolm frozen when the swat team charged in? Some great, subtle, work from Chi McBride who I can now forgive for his stint on House.

Jeremy falling into bed with Franny was predictable, but not unbelievable. Nor was Felicia visiting Lucas. I think it may be less Stockholm Syndrom and more she wants answers and her father I'm not sure can provide what she's looking for - espcially if they were seperated for a time.

And is Lucas one of the Nine or the sister who died? I'm just wondering. He's seems devestated by his involvement and as damaged as the rest. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this plays out. Please ABC, give this one a chance.
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