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The Extended Version of 'Pegasus'

And starting tomorrow, we get to talk about new BSG! Wheeeee!!!

FYI, I did not watch the rape/attempted rape scene. I caught the very, very end of it as I hit play again and that was enough for me.

Also, these are just the highlights of what was added. There are several scenes where an extra line of dialogue was included or an establishing shot was longer, but I couldn’t account for all those. Now, on to the show…

Kara briefs Laura and Adama about her plan to go back to Caprica, with Galactica as support, and jump in and out before the Cylons know what hit them. Hey, it gets better! She wants to leave the fleet in the care of a raptor and 7 vipers. Adama and Laura look incredulous. When they question her about leaving the fleet in the care of a handful of vipers Kara points out "And a raptor." Um, yeah, that makes all the difference. This brilliant idea will also require them to make 241 jumps (a conservative estimate according to Adama), to reach Caprica.. Worst. Plan. Ever. As Laura tells her she respects what she’s trying to do, *but*…they are interrupted by the arrival of the Pegasus.

Adama, Laura, and Tigh talk as they go to meet Cain. Laura learns a little background information on Cain. She’s a very young officer, was on the fast track, very tough, and very well connected. Anxious crew members run by them and Tigh wants to clear the deck, but Laura tells him to let it go, it’s a big moment for them all.

Cain meets and recognizes Baltar ("Good to see you"). It’s cute how excited and flattered he is by this.

Adama, Cain, and Laura have an extended conversation in his quarters in which we find out in greater detail what happened to the Pegasus. A nuclear blast blinded Cylon dradis so they were unable to know Pegasus survived the attack. The ship was heavily damaged and over 700 men were lost. She initiated a blind jump which, she admits, was a desperate call to make.

On a side note, I didn’t realize how unwell Laura seems in many of these scenes with Adama and Cain. Mary was really doing a terrific job of showing Laura’s failing health.

Cain meets Sharon and while she’ll look at her, she won’t speak directly to her. I noticed Baltar calls Sharon "it" rather than to refer to her by name. I assume this is for Cain’s benefit.

A longer cut of Adama and Tigh discussing Tigh’s talk with Fisk. Adama tells him not to jump to conclusions, wait for the facts, that context matters and reminds Tigh that they shot down a civilian transport with a 1000 people on board. Tigh makes an excellent suggestion that they request to see Cain’s logs.

We see Pegasus sharing supplies with Galactica. Tyrol gets a gift of spec parts from the Pegasus deck gang and comments, "Cally, I’m starting to like that ship". Gaeta gets a bunch of tech stuff including Pegasus’ digital library to replace what they lost when they had to delete everything in Galactica’s computer memory. He asks if there is any porn in there? ;) Then we cut to Laura and Adama talking about resupplying which was in the aired version.

Baltar, Cain, and Fisk talk about Baltar’s technique for acquiring information form Cylons. It’s pointed out that Gina killed over 800 members of her crew (Um, what happened to the 700? I’m sensing the number gets bigger every time the story is told ;) by allowing centurions to board the ship. Baltar tells Cain, "My job is not extermination, it’s investigation."

Line that made me laugh - Baltar to Fisk, "Lovely ship. Looks very new."

Exposition alert! We find out that Pegasus is mercury class and twice the size of Galactica, but needs only half the crew. Cain refers to Galactica as being a classic and she appreciates the classics.

Larry takes over the deck from Tyrol and is extremely apologetic about it.

There’s a little more of Stinger/Kara conversation in the pilot’s briefing. She might even say "this is shit" under her breath.

The Standoff a bit longer. Seriously, letting tensions escalate the way they did makes NO sense. Pegasus and Galactica can blow each other up and then let the Cylons destroy the rest of the fleet.

I also listened to the new commentary by Moore and Eick for ‘Pegasus’ in preparation for a new season of podcasts which I listen to so you don’t have to. ;)

They actually cut a 90 minute version of the episode, the studio watched it, and thought it dragged. It’s possible they were correct. While interesting to watch, I didn’t feel the added material really added much to the story. Throw in commercials and I may have been looking at the clock when it aired.

Unlike LDYB Pt 2, what needed to go was not critical to the storytelling just information that went deeper, made things more dimensional, and added texture. In the case of Kara’s attitude towards Adama in this episode and RS and why she was more inclined to listen to Cain, her cut scene helped to provide context. .

They remarked that a strong aspect of Michael Rymer’s direction is that he is able to convey what isn’t being said. He captures the subtext and brings a strong POV with the characters.

They mentioned how for ‘33’ they chopped pieces of plot development in order to accommodate the Tigh/Adama noodle scene just because they loved it so much and was a nice character beat. Insert your own noodle jokes here.

Rymer, James, and Tricia concocted Baltar’s interaction with Gina on set - not much in the way of direction was scripted.

Eddie has an acting habit of not making eye contact with characters he doesn’t like. He’s very consistent about it (apparently) and you see him look at Cain a lot. Adama does respect her. Watch season 1 of the show and you’ll see he doesn’t look at Mary/Laura much.

They mock Glen Larson (creator of the original BSG)

There is a discussion of the Lee/Kara dynamic and how it can go from brother/sister to sexually charged. They describe the “family unit” on the show with Adama as dad and Laura as the mother figure, but their roles are reversed. Laura is playing the more traditional, patriarchal role. She’s in charge of everything, she’s more removed, and she’s not available to any of her family emotionally. Adama, the father, is more emotional, more connected to the kids, and plays more of the caregiver role – he listens to them, while mom’s out at the office. Eh. I’m not sure I completely agree with this. I don’t see Laura as that emotionally distant or self-absorbed. And when does Adama listen to Lee???

There was, not surprisingly, much debate as to how much of the rape/attempted rape to show. The network had a strong reaction to what they were originally shown, in part because what was filmed was not how it appeared in the script. The aired version is closer to what was written. Rymer went in a darker, stronger direction, making it as disturbing as possible. They wanted to be clear as to the nature of what was really going – how ugly, brutal and violent it was. They didn’t want to shy away from it or make it almost ok by doing it off camera or possibly conveying it wasn’t *that* bad. I have to side with the network here. What we did see was enough to convey how bad it was. Seriously, two men holding a screaming woman down while a third unbuckles his pants is too subtle? Add in Gina’s broken psyche and badly beaten body and we know how horrific things were on Pegasus.

David and Ron didn’t buy the argument from the network that they’d lose female viewers over any of it. Funny, I know of three female viewers they’ve lost.
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