Asta 2

The Clock Is Ticking

Do you realize that twenty four hours from now the season premiere of BSG will be over? And I'll be watching it again on the repeat showing? ;)

So this isn't a totally pointless post, belated Happy Birthdays to superplin, manticorn and missmurchison. Hope you all had great days. :)

In tonight's TV round up, I think I may love Ugly Betty. The show is so sweet and sharp and funny ("This is Mel Gibson bad.") It's a nice diversion from the sarcasm and angst I usually watch. ;) Um, so was tonight's Supernatural pretty standard for the series? I laughed a few times and I don't think I was suppose to. And I continue to watch Six Degrees. I know it's not fabulous, yet I cannot look away.
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I shall have to hide myself away in a cave or something until 11pm PST. OMG. What am I supposed to DO? Seriously, it's moments like tomorrow where living on the west coast sucks.

Of course, I can just drive up two hours and stare, well, the place where they film stuff. And pretend I see famous people. Which is when living on the west coast rules.

Sadly, all my friends who would go with me live on the eastern side of the country.

*damns the man*

Maybe I'll write that rugby fic...though I know nothing at all about rugby.
Because you know I can't resist the SPN lure... yeah, this was pretty standard, even above average in some ways. Where did you laugh? Other than at Jared's hair, of course.

Twenty-two hours till BSG! For me, anyway.