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Podcast for 'Occupation/Precipice'

It’s a new season of torturing myself listening to the podcasts so you don’t have too. The podcast was surprisingly spoiler light, just some mentions of how a scene set a future scene in the forthcoming eps, but I still edited that stuff out. And, as always, Ron’s full of himself. ;)

I think I love his wife Terry. She was watching along with him and every time he said something stupid, she called him on it. For instance he joked about killing off Helo and, later, injuring animals while filming. She told him, in all seriousness, not to do that. That he knows what will happen. It will be all over the internet. Yeah, she’s the brains of the operation. As for the eps…

The opening was not the original one written. We were to see D’Anna making a propaganda film on New Caprica. Her voiceover would describe how horrible things use to be, how hope arrived with the Cylons, and how the tide of fear was turning, ya know, usually propaganda melodramatic BS. The final shot would be of her standing next to Roslin’s school. She’s interviewing Roslin when a flash of smoke appears behind them – the insurgency striking a target in the background. It was decided that it set the wrong tone and some thought it odd (though Ron disagreed) that D’Anna would still be making movies.

Tigh’s loss of his eye is a symbol of all their losses. They’ve all been hurt in one way or another and as the season progresses we’ll be reminded to the losses every time we see Tigh. Ok, didn’t quite get that, but, whatever.

They toyed with the idea of Leoben capturing (yes, he used the term capture) Kara last season, but it didn’t work with the timeline they wanted.

There was suppose to be *a lot* more on Hera. We were to see the Cylons desperately trying to locate her. They go to Roslin’s school and start administering blood tests. D’Anna has heard rumors of her still being alive and is on the trail. Simon takes Hera’s blood and as he leaves the tent Laura gives a signal to Anders and his guys, who are waiting outside, and they jump Simon and retrieve the blood sample. There was a subplot involving kidnapping the Cylons and keeping them in pit, forced to keep them alive because if they killed them they’d be resurrected and give information to the Cylons. This tactic was scaring the Cylons because members just kept disappearing and not downloading. It drove them to crackdown on the humans. It was all deemed one idea too many (so agree) and that the real drama was about the suicide bombings.

The jumping ahead was to create a dramatic confluence of events. They weren’t interested in the depicting the first few weeks of the occupation that would have been all about establishing things, showing them helping the humans, giving them medicine (Hello, I think we just found out how Anders regained his health) and the chaos and confusion of settling on the planet. They wanted to show the full blown insurgency.

‘Fat Lee’ is a metaphor for what happened to all of them in that year – they got soft. WHAT? Btw, bless her, Terry calls him ‘Stocky Lee’. She didn’t seem pleased with the fat term.

With the first Lee/Adama scene there were a couple versions where Adama teed off on Lee from the beginning; others where he was very quiet. Adama crosses a line he never has before. He’s the one who has been on the defensive in the past and this time he’s on the offensive – Lee’s the F****d up one. OK, I just don’t know where to begin with the flaws in that analysis.

Ron talks at length about how Sharon and Adama have gotten to the point they have. After talking, probably almost daily, for a year they have formed a special bond. Part of him wants to believe in her.

Lee and Dee – Originally, it wasn’t just Dee calling him out, she also comments on how she has gotten soft herself. Their lives on Pegasus had turned into something miserable. Both fell into bad habits and were unhappy. Once the fleet is reunited, they would change their lives, live more spartanly, become more hard core. They are ashamed at what’s happened to them. But Ron claims that didn’t play. Sure, let’s just make Lee look bad. Not that I’m bitter.

Jammer’s flashbacks to Cally’s being taken in the night was originally suppose to be footage of him remembering the suicide bombing and crawling out from among the bodies. But the footage never got shot due to time and money constraints.

The final scene with Lee and Adama was altered a bit. They needed to add in some exposition as to why Sharon was being sent to New Caprica. And maybe it was just me, but I thought Adama got up and started walking because he needed to get to CIC or something. Actually it was his way of trying to avoid talking to Lee and discussing Sharon was his attempt at changing the subject.

And I quote, “The audience remembers…they remember everything.” Yes, Ron, we do.

The twirl/swirl thing that Ellen and Cavil refer to was taken from ‘Seinfield’ of which Ron is a huge fan.

The idea of sending Pegasus off came much later. Originally, Pegasus was to go on the rescue mission since it’s the stronger ship in a fight, but, I really wasn’t clear on why they changed that.

Interesting bit of trivia, Michael Hogan turns down a lot of interviews. He feels it’s not about what he has to say as a person, what matters is what he puts on screen.

The shooting of Caprica Six was, at one point, cut. James Callis was very upset about this. Her shooting is a reason he decides to sign the document and it’s important to James that Baltar never become a complete villain.
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