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Erick Avari did not just drop by the set to pose for a book jacket. Chandra Suresh isn’t dead. Not that I believed he was.

Kind of surprised that Clea DuVall’s character was so quick to trust Matt. Then again, she’s probably more open to the idea that he can read minds having seen what Silar can do.

Hiro and Ando are such a great duo. And I love how Ando comes around to believing Hiro. However, they caused the accident that almost killed the little girl. That has to mean something.

Silar has more information than Mohinder’s father and he’s aware of Nathan. This can’t be good.

Is the little girl special too? I’m thinking she’s telepathic and her parents were killed parents to get to her. Silar (if that was Silar) was dragging her away. If he wanted her dead he had time to kill here there.

Greg Grunberg rocks! They should have let him do more shooting on Alias.

At what point are they going to stop printing the characters names on screen? It’s OK for new characters, but I think we have a handle on the main cast now.

The cute, seemingly nice quarterback is a rapist. Predictable, but where I’m tired of the gore I can respect that they didn’t shy away from the attempted rape. It wasn’t sensationalized, it showed the horror of the situation for her.

Damn you Nathan, you just dropped in my esteem. But I suspect that outing Peter’s supposed suicide attempt was less a sympathy ploy and more an attempt to protect his secret.

Let’s see, the apartment is cleaned out after Mohinder visits it with the evil neighbor. Nope, no connection there.

OMGWTF?! Claire is being autopsied! And how the hell does she go home after that???

Getting in under the wire, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to thomasina75 who I managed to sway to the darkside before the new season of BSG started. ;) And birthday wishes a day early (go me!) to avrelia a fellow survivor of the Buffy fandom. Hope you lovely ladies had/have great days. :)

ETA: The musical guest on Studio 60 next week? Eeeeeeee!!! And just when I was going to give up! ;-)
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