For you! ;p

Hey, I was nice and didn't even mention Sorbo!

I just did I print out of the Con info and realized they were added back in August. Why am I just finding out about it now??? Assuming neither cancels I think I may know where my families birthday checks will be going. ;)
I just *happened* to have stumbled on the information that there are flights from Berlin to Florida for roughly three hundred euros... eep.
OMG, OMG, OMG! You have to come! You, me, Mary, and Jamie! We could write fic together (um, you and me;)! Eeep!
Wow, I've never even heard of this con. No, I don't know how I missed this either.

Orlando, huh? That is kind of tempting. Given the number of cons Mary does is ... well, I think ComicCon is the only one so far.

Ack, you planted the idea in my head and now I want to go. :)

Sorbo was at D*C. He always seemed to be signing autographs, too.
At this point I think I'm comfortable enough to go to a Con solo, but I would much prefer to have people to hang out with. :)

Yeah, Mary does so few cons and with shooting being over in December, unless one or both gets a film role, the liklihood of canceling is slim. Plus I noticed they are only scheduled for Saturday and Sunday so if they did have other work, they may still be able to squeeze this in.
*is ded*

i can't believe this! i want to go soooooooooooooooooo badly! and one of my best friends, whom i've converted to bsg this march lives in tampa. i could crash at her place. oh gods! why did you tell me this? why? now i'll be depressed the entire month of february!

maaaaaaaaaaaaaary! jaaaaaaaaaaaaaamie!

*is very very dead*
You were the first person I thought of when I saw the information. I know you were eyeing Cons they'd both be at, but probably later in the year. It would be great if you could come. I'd love to meet you in person. :)
i was looking at cons that take place over the summer. that's my timeframe for going to the US.

i'd LOVE to be able to come, and i'd LOVE to meet you too, but sadly it's a certainty that i won't be able to make it. a round trip to the US is about $800 (if i book in advance), and although i have a place to stay so i wouldn't have to worry about that, it's A LOT of money for me. my mother earns $400 a month. the most i ever earned was #200 per month. there's no way i can come up with $1000 (i'm being optimistic here, there's also other expenses AND the cost of the con itself) by february. :(
Yeah, that was the one downside. The guy seems to be doing every Con there is so I think unless he gets actual work it will be hard to avoid him. At least he and Jamie can talk about 'Celebrity Poker'. ;)


The world. It thwarts me.
Well, um, I'm thinking there were no Sci-Fi cons taking place anywhere in 1910. And I'm pretty sure their parents weren't even born then. ;p

Hello? You were in a casino, you should have tried your luck!
But I could have...I dunno...sunk my pocket money into Microsoft and waited out the next ninety-five years... And honestly? I think that's a more realistic scenario than me actually *making* any money at a casino.