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Wednesday TV Viewing

30 Rock rocked. I laughed! Out loud! And that's rare for me with comedies. I know Alec Baldwin is kind of nuts, but I love him as an actor and he was just so perfect in this role. I give him credit for not turning the character into a complete asshole. Granted I wouldn't want to work for him, but he does seem to have respect for the television medium even if he doesn't quite understand it.

And there really is a GE trivection oven??? I thought it was something they made up until they went to commercial break and there it was! Did Tina sell out with the biggest product placement I've ever seen? Or was it a brilliant send up of product placement? Or was it there way of getting the network to allow them to use the network in the show as opposed to making one up like Studio 60 has?

I'm still a little concerned about Tracy Morgan's character, um, Tracy, being cliched, but I have to admit I loved his anger over US magazine publishing he had a drug problem when the reality is he's mentally ill. :)

I watched about two minutes, if that, of Twenty Years. That was the worst use of canned laughter I have heard in years. And how can they use it when it's obvious they are not shooting in front of an audiance? I just feel so sorry for the cast.

No deep thoughts on The Nine this week. I'm still really enjoying it and OMG TIM DALY IN A BLACK TEE SHIRT!

I liked the Hour 1 reveal, though I hope we don't get an hour by hour breakdown of events.

Did anyone else think the way Lucas said, "Forget about me Felicia", implied that they *really* bonded? No, Im not implying they had sex in the bathroom or anything, but he seems very intent on protecting her.

The guy hiding behind his cubicle wall in Egan's office cracked me up.

And, yes, I may have danced out of the building too if I got fired from my that job.

Nick took one for the team. ::hugs him::

Jeremy is an idiot. He's angry and I think mostly at himself. My guess is he did something in that bank that caused one of teh two victims to lose their lives and this was his way, he believes, to make up for it. Accept not only did he screw over Lucas, but himself. Like he wouldn't be one of the first people suspected?

I figured out pretty early on that Felicia had made the 911 call. I would have done the same thing in her position, but she's 16 and going to carry around a hell of a lot of guilt now.
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