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Oops, I Did It Again

Yesterday I layed down to rest at 9:00pm and ended up sleeping until 10:30. Stupid because when you then try to go to bed you can't fall asleep. At least I dreamt of naked Spike. :)

Did I learn from last night? No. At 7:00 tonight I suddenly found myself exhausted. Most likely due to last nights wacky sleeping pattern and the ibuprofen I'd been taking all day. So, I went to lay down - for a few minutes - next thing I now it's 9:30. God only knows when I'll be able to get to sleep tonight.

In other news, I lied to get out of a wedding shower today. Here's the deal. A former co-worker is getting hitched at the end of the month. When she was at the firm, we were pretty good friends. After she left, I only heard from her a few times. The last time was several months ago - after not hearing from her in a year - to inform me I was being invited to the wedding. She then tells me we can't lose touch again, speak to you soon, yadda yadda. Haven't heard from her since. Then get a last minute invite to the wedding shower. This is when I feel like I'm simply being hit up for gifts.

I really don't have a problem going to the wedding. But, if you can't pick up a phone occassionally, I'm not shelling out twice for gifts. Just to make sure I wasn't be overly harsh, I asked my friend TC for her opinion. She said she'd do the same thing and wouldn't feel guilty about it. Appaarently, she's goes through this crap all the time.

OK, I'm in desperate need of some smutty Spuffy fic updates. Where art thou Nauti?

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