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BSG S3 Ep 2: Exodus Pt 1

Well, this is much shorter than last week’s recap and rant free!

A little background as I understand it, ‘Exodus’ was, at one point, one episode that grew to be too big so it got split into two. And from the *really* long previouslies and the repeated scenes from ‘Occupation/Precipice’ it’s obvious they had to fill some time.

One hour earlier? Here we go again! Btw, in chat last week, danceswithwords, sdwolfpup, brynnmck and I called it that it was the humans doing the shooting and not the Cylons.

Let me get this straight, Tyrol's wife has been taken, he’s caring for a baby, planning a battle/rescue/evacuation and he takes the time to shave???

Best line of the ep, Tigh to Tyrol: “The last thing your son wants is me and Ellen for parents.” Funny, but also touching. Tigh’s telling Tyrol that, if it came to it, they’d take care of his son.

Er, didn’t Cally get cut loose by Jammer, fall down a hill, then run into woods last week?

Stargate alumni alert! The guy who found the map and hauled Ellen into the tent has played a significant role on SG1, but I can't recall the character name.

Second best line of the ep, Zarek (or should I say Tom ;) to Laura: “Been awhile since I had a woman throw me to the ground.” Hee! And I found it very interesting that even though he’s still the VP, he totally yielded authority to Laura, especially since he’s the one with the knowledge about blowing stuff up.

D’Anna is having prophetic dreams. I’m trying to decide if I should tie this to Laura’s Chamalla induced dreams in season 1 and early season 2.

Baltar can’t get it up. Wow. Never though that day would come. ;)

Baltar and Six really seem to have a love/hate relationship now. She obviously still loves him, but has watched him “slip down the well of self-hatred” and further away from her over the past four months. She also seems angry she's getting nothing in return from him emotionally when she's sacrificed so much for him out of love. And Baltar needs her, not just to protect him, but because she is the only person left who gives a damn about him. Yet, he’s grown to hate what she represents.

Kara is in sight of Colonial One? And the moppet has sucked her in. I was actually fine with that scene until the kid pulled her back. Unfortunately, I can’t say it was for Leoben’s benefit since I don’t think she knew he was standing there.

The Lee/Adama scene I liked, a lot actually. It was in character for both men and I’m not sure they’ve ever shown quite so much affection for each other. Adama’s comment to Lee about not making him cry on the deck was a pretty open and honest remark from him. And utilizing the ‘Hand of God’ music was a nice touch, bringing us back to another important father/son bonding moment. My one complaint (and, no, it’s not the dinner crack since I don’t think it was meant to be taken that way) was when Jamie/Lee struggled to climb the ramp to the raptor and then we got a clear shot of the very, very bad padding it took me out of the moment.

Even D’Anna knows Jake. That is one popular dog. Of course, dog spelled backwards is god. Sorry, I had to say it. ;)


Cavil has been downloaded three times and each time the pain is worse. That is very interesting. Can a Cylon reach a point where they can no longer be downloaded? Or do they have the potential to turn into something like Scar? Corrupted by pain, anger, and bitterness?

Anders goes from being above ground talking to Sharon to below ground strategizing with Laura in record time. Talk about a bad edit. And I think Anders put two and two together as to why Isis is so damn important.

The look on Tigh’s face when he finds out about Ellen’s betrayal is just heartbreaking. I have to wonder if he can ever recover from any of this now.

Such a huge moment for Sharon, betraying her people while at the same time finding out that she’s been betrayed by the man she put all her trust in. Sharon, just ask Kara, yes, Adama does lie.

Captain Kelly!

Yeah, big speech, rally the troops, blah, blah. Let's get to the fighting!

I wasn’t blown away by this ep, it felt like a lot of set up for next week as well as future storylines, but I can’t say I was bored or not entertained. Plus, no rage! :)

And here are some links you may be interested in:

Gateworld has posted that there will be two ‘Stargate’ films released direct to DVD and may possibly air on TV.

And Part 1 of a video Q&A with Mary answering questions posted at the Sci-Fi board. It’s worth watching (if you can) just to hear her talk about the towel scene. Interesting tidbit, she wears her own glasses on the show.
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