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Since You Can Never Have too Much Porn

romanticalgirl had an idea and myself and some other so-called friends did absolutely nothing to dissuade her so may I present bsg_erotica. And I'm a maintainer! I'm still fuzzy on what that exactly means, but, apparently, I have some power and am not afraid to use it. MUWAHAHAHAH!!! Uh-hum. Actually, my qualification for this esteemed position is that I ship Lee and Laura. romanticalgirl's goal is to have the ships equally represented and I get to help support my little piece of fandom. But whatever your OTP may be or pairing du jour we welcome you all to come join the fun. In addition to hopefully being a home for some great, naughty fic it's also a goal to prove to fandom that, yes, we can all get along. :)

In other news, drc1 has posted that David Duchovny is directing an episode of Bones. David and David! Woo Hoo! Of course, I'll crack up if DD does a cameo as an FBI agent. ;-)

Now off to eat and then post about the podcast. It was an interesting one. Yes, that is sarcasm.
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If it helps? I have no idea what a maintainer means either. *cough* I think we'll be able to define stuff a bit better when we get some posts going and, depending on how busy the comm gets (hopefully very!), I might need some helping hands.

Other than an unruly poster who needs to be slapped into the next community or if we were to decide to do some sort of ficathon, I don't think we need to do much of anything. Yay!
I think for now modding only involves silly emails and general enabling. Or at least that's my experience.
Of course, I'll crack up if DD does a cameo as an FBI agent. ;-)

Ohmigod, that would be the best thing ever! Beyond that, I think DD is a pretty good director, so that should be a fun episode.
The 'X-Files' eps he wrote and directed were some of the best. I'm really interested to see what he may do with 'Bones'. Not that I don't like to see him in front of the camera (I think he's very funny), but his greatest talent may be behind the camera.
DD in Bones??? O.M.G! When? Where? Cameohope? Oh! You make my day!
Hee. Glad I could make your day. :) I'm not sure when his ep airs, but it may be one of the ones coming up in November. I'll make sure to post a heads up when I know more.