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I think I’m done with Studio 60. I like some of the characters (could they keep Christine Lahti?), but the show is trying far too hard to show us how amazing TV could be. In doing so they give us some extremely hard to believe scenarios. And shouldn’t the comedy sketches be oh, I don’t know, funny? I did love the end with one of the most beautiful renditions I’ve heard of ‘Fields of Gold’. I wanted to tell the actors to shut up so I could hear it better.

OK, they had a different actor on the book jacket in the previouslies.

Poor Greg Grunberg. He has one scene and he’s being tortured/experimented on and by Claire’s dad no less. The guy gets around.

All right, Claire being brought in as a Jane Doe helps to explain how they can get away with no knowing what happened to her. But the scene itself is ridiculous (her easy escape, the absence of any blood on the autopsy table) and completely unnecessary.

I knew it. They filmed at the Monticeto! I was waiting for Josh Duhamel and James Caan to walk by.

I’m trying to figure out if copying a scene from Rain Man is clever or lame.

Niki’s Jekyl and Hyde personality is certainly coming out more. And her “Niki’s not here right now” and “our son” was downright creepy. I loved her kicking the thugs ass.

Nathan’s a pig.

I’m torn on Claire’s actions with the quarterback. She was right, without physical evidence the police weren’t going to listen to her. And she was also right that he’d do it again and again and again. Yet, she has no right to kill him. But maybe the show wants to show us that these ‘heroes’ can be less than heroic and are treading a fine line between good and evil.

Hiro is certainly different in the future. But the future hasn’t happened yet and can be changed. So maybe this Hiro will never exist.

Overall, I felt this was the weakest of all the episodes thus far. We are starting to see the connections between these people, yet the story seemed very fractured and without direction.

I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I finally saw Casanova with David Tennant and didn’t really care for it. I could deal with playing fast and loose with history, fashion, and pop culture (hey, I love A Knight’s Tale), but I found the characters woefully underwritten and by the end I was clueless as to why people were acting the way they were. And I know I haven’t seen much of his work, but there was little difference between Casanova and Doctor Who leading me to believe Tennant is rather one note. The saving grace for me was Peter O’Toole who managed to reveal all the layers to this character and hint at aspects of the man the writers tried to steer clear of.
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