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I'm sitting here waiting for BSG to come on when I catch the Sci-Fi promo stating that the show airs at 9 *and* 10. Um, what happend to Threshold after one airing? Are they seeing if the pick up more viewers in it's old time slot? And, get this, it also airs at 12! Of course, if it's really good I'll be watching all three airings. :p

ETA: If you know me, I always have quibbles. Tonight's ep will be no exception. But I'm still going to say, with fifteen minutes to go, this is one of the best damn hours of TV I've ever seen.
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Oh, that's good to know. And if it's good, I'll be right there watching all three, too.
I think we should all write Sci-Fi and remind them that BSG may not have the biggest audiance, but we're dedicated and willing to spend three commerical filled hours watching the same ep. ;)
Apparently Threshold gets three or so hours on Monday night, instead. Not sure what prompted Sci-fi to make the sudden switch, though.
Huh. They are apparently going to run it in a block like Dark Angel, but maybe they should advertsie that?
lol Yeah, I had recorded Threshold and not watched it until yesterday. I thought it was pretty good and then I was like, what??? Glad to hear it will be back... someday...
crap. that episode wrecked me a little bit. best damn tv there is. holy frak.
The Tigh stuff broke ME. I've never gotten choked up during an ep and Ellen and Tigh were the ones to do it!

And my boy got to be the big damn hero. Even if no one else noticed. ;p
5 hours after watching this i'm still not over the whole saul/ellen thing. half of my review is about them. man! it broke me to pieces...

and yes! i noticed how awesome lee was! mentioned it in my journal too! hehe! it looks like he's starting to lose a little weight too! go lee!
I thought of you last night while watching. I have to get ready to go out now, but I really look forward to reading your thoughts later. :)
You know I'm as spoiled as you going in, but I'd like to say, your comment about how it was one of the best hours of TV you've ever seen combined with the fact my download speed is, for once, reasonable, has actually made me decide NOT to immediately go and read every recap I can and to WAIT ANOTHER FOUR HOURS to watch it.

I'm sure that as a fellow spoiler h0r, you understand the magnitude of this decision. :)
As spoiled as we are there is still a lot of nuance that gets lost just reading about an ep. The acting, across the board, was brilliant and spoilers can never do that justice. Yeah, I think I'd wait if I was you because there are things you really should form your own opinion on or experience for yourself without being spoiled.