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BSG S3 Ep3: Exodus Pt 2

I had mixed feelings when I read (remember I’m spoiled) that Lee opted to take Pegasus into the battle. It seemed to me to be in opposition to Lee’s earlier concerns about going back - that the survival of the human race was of the utmost important. But when I saw the scene in which he questions what they are doing, it made sense. When he initially aired his problems with Adama’s plan (and may I point out, again, he was right) things were still uncertain as to the fate of the colonists and he was, imo, arguing for caution, not abandonment.

“He’s not coming back from this. None of them are.” Lee’s right. Now that Adama has made the decision to go back, with the hopes of New Capricans rest with a single, undermanned battlestar, he realizes that all of those people are doomed. There will be no second chances.

Could Lee or any of them really, live with the deaths of tens of thousands when they may have been saved? His decision harkens back, for me, to ‘Bastille Day’ when he, ostensibly, sided with Zarek or in ‘Resistance’ when he chose to run with Laura. Lee’s idealism and conscience won’t just allow him to do his duty. It’s not just about numbers, it’s about saving humanity - who they are, what they are and, on their good days, what they aspire to be. So Lee comes to the conclusion that “To keep humanity going, no matter what the cost, no matter who we leave behind.” is just too high a price to pay.

I really felt as if I was watching ‘classic’ Lee Adama here. His conscience is weighing heavily on him. Being burdened with having to, alone, take responsibility for a decision that will affect a vast number of people. Yet willing to live or die with the choices he makes. (If it came to it, he would have gone down with the ship.) And, perhaps because they shot him from the chest up and in shadow, the ridiculous weight gain didn’t take away from anything in the scene for me.

Yet something was still bothering me and then it hit me, it wasn’t him, it was Dee. It’s the writing for her, what she is being forced to try to convey to the audience, that’s not just not good, it’s disturbing. When Lee asks her, “Am I that easy to read?” her response is “Just to me.” Accept, no, it’s not just her. I won’t bore you all with listing scenes, but anyone who has been close to him (Adama, Kara, Laura) can read him pretty damn well. To me, it seemed like the show was telling us this is one reason they are married, she gets him like no one else, when they failed to show us anything last season.

And, once again, instead of trying to bolster Lee’s confidence on his own merits, she has to bring up he’s his father’s son. Days before she was pushing Lee to be a warrior once more, now she’s pushing him to lead the fleet, to save the human race so they can all remember Adama. Good grief. I don’t doubt there is some affection between these two, but it was striking to me that Lee tells her that he’s ‘proud to serve with you and call you my wife’. Funny, has anyone yet heard the word “love”?

Yeah, I know, I’m going on about Lee when he had a relatively small part. But this was the Lee I know and love. The ambivalent big damn hero. He saved the collective asses of the fleet and while I’m pissed Adama got all the credit the only person he was looking for a pat on the back from was his dad. And when he thanked the Pegasus, his ship, it showed me the guy who is good at command and comfortable with it and perhaps on his way to being comfortable with himself again or maybe for the first time.

In going on three years of BSG viewing I have never gotten choked up. And I never thought Saul and Ellen Tigh would be the ones to break me. There’s was a love story, a completely fraked up one, but a love story none the less. I always thought Ellen was well aware of her greatest asset, “The way men notice me”, but I never thought I’d hear such sadness and regret when she spoke those words. Maybe because what she once felt was a blessing became her curse.

When she told Tigh, “You’ve always been there for me when I need you.” there was such bitter irony. He was about to do something horrific, yet, he was there for her. There would have been a line of people waiting to exact much more ugly and painful death upon her. Still, I honestly don’t know how Tigh can ever recover from this. He’s a soldier and I felt as if he’d find a way to deal with the physical and mental trauma of his imprisonment and what he allowed others to do to gain their freedom. But murdering the woman he loved I think that was just a burden he can’t carry.

Laura Roslin, just when I don’t think I can love her anymore the show gives me new ways to do so. “My ship’s up there.” Eeeee!!! I know, logically, that she can not just sit down in the big chair and reclaim the presidency. It goes against not only the law (Zarek is the VP), but what she believes in. Still, it was a damn cool scene watching her take what she sees as her rightful place. And compare this Laura Roslin in the one we saw in the mini series who had to put up a brave and confidant facade to mask the terror of being handed the responsibility of preserving humanity. She embraces that job now, assuming a role that now, more than ever, I’m sure no one wants.

And, no, I will not avoid Laura and Zarek. ;) That relationship is fascinating me more and more. They wanted to destroy each other and now they are, dare I say, friends. You only say “See you up there” to someone you want to see come out of all this *and* continue whatever this relationship is. The most telling moment for me though was he pulled Jammer aside and told him to protect her (yeah, there’s that irony again). He gave Jammer his gun, his protection, to safeguard her. This tells me that he sees her as their president, their hope for the future. Man that is HUGE.

It’s probably best I don’t say much about the Kara storyline. I’m not sure what to say about it. Yes, I think she played Leoben the entire time (though that kiss seem to go beyond faking it), but as soon as she told Anders, “She’s my daughter” I pretty much threw my hands up. There is no question in my mind that Kara would have done anything to protect Kacey and get her the hell out of there, but she was a second away from introducing her to Tyrol as her daughter. And given the look of joy on her face this is the show telling me that being a mommy was going to make help make Kara happy. No, Kara getting her crap together may make her happy.

I’m not sure what to think about Anders either. I still like the guy far more than I ever thought possible, but he seemed awfully bloodthirsty in telling Tigh that he needed to take care of Ellen or he would. And when he finally gets his wife back after thinking she may be dead for four months he leaves her standing there alone on the flight deck???

Gaius, I love to hate you you weasel. He tells Caprica he wants to die and as soon as Gaeta provides him with the opportunity, suddenly he’s the only one who can stop D’Anna and must, therefore, live! Maybe he is a Cylon and there is something in his programming that will make him fight for his life even against what he wants. Or as a said to danceswithwords last week. He’s the cockroach that just will not die. I did believe he was about to kill D’Anna to prevent her nuking the colony, but that seemed silly since the planet was pretty much deserted by that point.

Gaeta was terrific and I loved his line, “I believed in the dream of Gaius Baltar.” Poignant, sad, and just a little homoerotic. And now he can sit around with Zarek and Lee and swap stories about being fallen idealists. When he mentioned Baltar leading them to the apocalypse did he have any had idea how right he was?

My favorite D’Anna moment was when she finally got to meet Hera. Lucy did such a great job of acting like this was the first time she had ever held a baby and her expression of confusion giving way to enthralled was wonderful.

Also liked how Head!Six showed up the moment Baltar discovered Hera.

Tyrol went into chief mode without missing a beat!

The Galactica and vipers dropping into the sky above New Caprica, the Galactica facing destruction, Pegasus coming in from out of frame, guns blazing to save the day – that was one hell of a space battle. Feature films should look so good. And for a show that can drop the ball, nice mention that Lee left the vipers behind to protect the fleet. We won’t be questioning why they aren’t running short, at least for awhile.

The ending, overall, was great. They deserved a moment of celebration (though it was really Lee that saved them all…moving on), yet it hurt to see Tigh need help disembarking the raptor. Adama could easily see how injured he was physically, but when he turned back to look at him as he was being raised up, you sensed he knew how broken psychologically he was as well. And while everyone else seemed to have someone to hold on to, Tigh and Kara were both isolated and alone.

The final shot of Adama stepping out of his quarters into a corridor full of people made me think that, yes, this is how it should be. On the other hand, I’m sure we will quickly learn that a lot of darkness lies beneath the surface of things.
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