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Podcast for 'Exodus Pt 2'

Another week, another podcast, yet surprisingly lacking rage from me.

The Lee/Dee scene was a pick up scene shot much later. Which would maybe explain why Lee looked thinner. Ron didn’t talk much about this other than it shows Lee having trouble living with the decision to lead the fleet. Just as Adama had trouble turning his back on his people, Lee is having the same problem, turning his back on his dad and the people.

They were always going to destroy Pegasus at the beginning of season. There was something “pure” in having Galactica be the last surviving battlestar. Plus, the Pegasus sets were eating up studio space they didn’t have and there were story considerations in having to keep it populated and keep people over there.

Tigh & Ellen – Ellen’s price would have to be a severe one. As leader of the resistance Tigh knew something had to be done and he would have to be the one to do it. Her death was originally to take place in Pt 1. When her character was introduced in season 1 they didn’t know where they were going to take Ellen. It was hard on everyone deciding to kill her off. But there was a certain nobility to her death in that she was trying to do the best she could. Does she know? Ron thinks she might, but he seems to want to leave the question open. Tigh’s actions will reverberate throughout rest of the season. He does not recover from this easily, if ever. He had to impose the same harsh code on himself and his wife, the one he expected his men to follow.

The Baltar/D’Anna/Dorel scene was added later.

The rescue, as originally written, involved both battlestars working together. Galactica appeared to be destroyed at one point after a nuke was launched at it. During the nuke flash, Galactica was to jump away into a low orbit, fight off the Cylons, and help the ships leave the planet. After Galactica completed its part it jumped away and Pegasus was pummeled by the Cylons. Once he realized Pegasus was going to be destroyed, Lee then makes it a suicide mission. Ron didn’t think it worked and then decided to work in the training maneuver into the plan.

There was to be a Cylon control center, but it was cut for costs.

In talking about the Galactica’s dropping into the atmosphere and then jumping away, Ron said “We better win the fucking Emmy for this this year or a swear to God…” Ok, I admit, I laughed at that.

The rational for Galactica being able to drop into the atmosphere is that if Galactica can take a hit from a nuke and still be OK (as it did in the mini) then it has enough structural integrity to fall through atmosphere. And Galactica is going to live with damage it sustained for awhile.

The moment that someone faces death, how they react, tells a lot about a person. Adama chooses to look at those around him and say, “It’s been an honor.”

Ron compared the scene in which D’Anna announces the plan to nuke the city as ‘Hitler in the bunker’.

James Callis apparently had a lot to say about how Baltar appeared as he’s challenging Gaeta. He wanted to show the fatalism in that scene. Baltar is a man at the end of his rope and ready to check out for the first time. Part of him wants death and wants Gaeta to shoot him. But there is no victory in that moment. When Gaeta lowers the gun , he’s shocked that he’s going to live and have to disarm the nuke.

The scene in which Pegasus is destroyed does not fit with the documentary style of the series. It’s a hyper real idea - the wing breaking off, the name clearly visible, and it taking out a second basestar. But they/we would want the drama and satisfaction of the moment.

Kara & Leoben – Kara has to give a little bit of her soul to save the child. She has a need for child and child’s life so Kara will give him this (the declaration of love, the kiss). But is there a hint on her face that what he did worked on her? Is it all a ruse on her part? It’s another open question. And Leoben is willing to die because he got what he wanted. Who really won the battle?

I found it interesting Ron referred to Colonial One as “Laura’s house” and mentioned nothing about the presidency or her reclaiming it.

Kara & Kacey – “One last mindfuck”, it wasn’t her baby after all. Leoben has his victory, he played a complete mind game on her. And then Ron made some comments about the audience buying into her having a child now and wondering how they were going to deal wit that. Um, Ron, you really don’t know us.

The scene in Colonial One is actually from the next episode (hence wardrobe improvements!). But the next ep was running long on time, they didn’t want to lose the scene, and they felt it worked better here since it brings that story to its completion.

The final shot of Adama went on longer. We were to see him walk through the halls to the CIC and, once there, he is faced with a bunch of problems. All of which he greets with a smile.

widget285 posted about Roslin, the rule of law, and democracy. I was so geeked by other things I had not taken into consideration some of her very valid points. Interesting points were also made in the comments.

And a very Happy Birthday! to elisi. Hope you (looks at clock) had a great one! :)
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