Asta 2

And It's Not Even Noon Yet...

8:00am - The day gets off to a great start. I arrive at work to discover the building had lost power and it just came back on. Bad news part 1, I now have to stay at work. Bad news part 2, nearly all the computer systems are down. Bad news part 3, my co-worker Sheryl, who, if she were Native American would certainly have the name "She Who Walks with Large Stick up Her Ass" is in one of her bitchy moods.

9:30am - All computer systems are now working. Oh good, I can work now. And just in time for my headache to return.

10:00am - More good health insurance rates are going way up!

10:30am - After getting back from delivering checks begin to contemplate cutting cable service to pay for insurance.

11:00am to now....trying to look busy....want to go home.

The bright spot? Seeing wisteria_'s yummy new icons and her pointing out that James is a lefty. ;)

And a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY GYPSYSTAR! Hope you have a marvelous day and get to catch up with you in chat soon. :)
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Oh, my poor kitten. ::sends lefty James to comfort you today of all days::

Psst. I think he's going to draw you a bath first, then give you a massage. What he does after that is all up to you. Or maybe I mean he is all "up". ;-)
Poor Mary! So sorry your day so far sucks. I will send positive thoughts your way so that it gets better or possibly your hair will turn pick or someone will buy you a horse - my thoughts can get kinda confused at times.
Thank you, Asta. I'm working up to the happy part. And I so appreciate you sending me the addresses.

I'm sorry you're having such a sucky day. Can I be all cliche and say "at least it's Friday?" No? Well, then I second WiS's suggestion for the massage and bath.
Poor Mary. I feel for you, dear. Here's hoping it doesn't come to giving something up.

Those icons do improve one's mood, though :) Lefties Rule!

Let me add my Many Happy Returns to Gypsystar! May this be the start of a nice long weekend celebration :)
Poor Mary. That all sucks. I'm with WIS's way to save a crappy day.

Hope it gets betetr because it's Friday, and that means to hell with work for two whole days!
You guys are so sweet, why can't I work with all of you?

Well, I went home for lunch to get the Hell out of Hell :p and am feeling a bit better. What I really need is a hot bath. ;)

Oh, and reckleslinguist, you're e-mail made me LOL. Thanks, I needed that. :)