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I had just a little bit of trouble concentrating on Heroes tonight. If you want to know why check out jamiebambernews. And a big THANK YOU to romanticalgirl. ;-)

Nathan just can't fly, he can fly. I seriously think he could kick Superman's ass in a race.

And why did Nathan come off as likeable? I want to hate the lying, cheating bastard. But he gave Hiro a ride and he's not even a registered voter!

Speaking if Hiro, why didn't he speak english when he was two months in the future?

Claire's dad is conhusing the hell out of me, in the interesting way. Obviously, he cares about his daughter. The look on his face when she tells him that she was almost raped was that of an enraged father wanting to protect his daughter. And what of his comment to Brody, "I put more stock in her humanity than I would in yours." Refering to her humanity tells me he doesn't think of her as some mutant or freak. Yet he's kidnapping and experimenting on others like her. Did I mention I'm confused?

Mohinder, you are very pretty, but you are boring me. Get a stroyline or get going.

Isaac, you are also very pretty, but have yet to have anything to do but get drugged up and paint and now Peter can do that for you.

Poor Ando. =(

So if Nikki has powers and her husband has powers and Miccah is already shown himself to be highly intelligent is anyone else thinking The Incredibles?

Matt's wife isn't so bad. And they actually make a nice couple. They're probably doomed.
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