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It's a Bamberific Week!

I'm going to take the opportunity to once again gratuitously pimp jamiebambernews. Posted more to die over pictures of Jamie and a newish (it was actually done in July at Shore Leave) interview at Gateworld.

The latter I'm reposting here since I think there are crazy people interested in Lee Adama and/or the show, but not Jamie. Since the interview was done some time ago it can now be considered spoiler free. You can read 'Man of Duty' here. Or you can listen to the interview via a direct link or MP3 download.

I found this question and answer particularly interesting:

Interviewer: If you could do anything for Lee -- any episode, no getting permission from the boss, dream set, no budget, do anything -- what would be the ultimate fantasy? What would you like to do for Lee?

JB: Um, I would like him to make a huge, huge miscalculation. A huge mistake. To really screw up in a major way. That cost people their lives and for him to have to deal with it. I like it when ... what our show really does do is problamatize heroism. All the archetypes we think characters are going to be.

Of all the characters, I think Lee is the most conscious, conscience-driven, and he tries to do the right thing at all times and he thinks about his actions. I think it would be great to have him think he's doing the right thing but to do something that really, really, really screws up and costs lives, real lives, and to see how he deals with it

I am not so secretly hoping this may spark some fic ideas. ;-)

And since I'm on a BSG high with one hell of an episode last week, hope the show is back on track, and pretty, pretty new pictures of Jamie this week I debated mentioning the ratings situation. Apparently the show dropped again last week. I'm torn on being concerned. Sci-Fi did opt to air the show in the fall and move it to a tougher time slot. And I'd be curious to know how at the ratings for the numerous other airings are. Then there are other avenues of viewing. Two weeks ago it was second only to 'Lost' in downloads on itunes. I do think seperating the Gates fro BSG was a bad idea. I know I stuck around to watch 'Atlantis' simply because it was sandwiched between SG1 and BSG. And I'm sure some 'Stargate' fans were casual fans of BSG. I just wish the networks still didn't look to Nielson ratings since they obviously have not stayed up to speed with the evolving entertainment industry.
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