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Another New Comm

My four year LJ anniversary will be in February. My mom's birthday actually. Weirdness. When I got an LJ, it was under duress or, more precisely, writteninstars would not stop nagging me about getting one of these new fangled things. I finally relented because, ya know, all the cool kids were doing it and the board I was on was being overtaken by Teh Crazy. So I go myself an LJ only so I didn't have to comment anonymously. Then I decided to share a few thoughts. And then sdwolfpup created a kick ass Lee Adama banner and I think that may have been a turning point for me.

Anyway, I mention all of this because no way in Hades would I have predicted that in relatively quick succession I'd be a maintainer or co-maintainer of not one, not two, but three communities. Let me now point you in the direction of fallen_idealist a community for fans of Tom Zarek. It's k_julia's baby, but I was asked to help out because she hates me I can mod any spoilery stuff and because sometime between 'Bastille Day' in which I mocked Richard mercilessly and now I've become rather fond of the pain in the ass.

And I'm not pissed off at anyone, but this is the only icon I have with Tom Zarek in it!
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