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Poor Nick is getting pulled in every direction. In one of these eps he's going to explode. He's been way too controlled and accomodating thus far.

LUCAS KNEW LIZZIE WAS PREGNANT?! Before Jeremy knew??? And he was acting more interested and concerned then Jeremy was.

The Group. Lizzie named them? That's actually kind of creepy.

Wow. If not for a series of small events all od this could have been prevented.

Awwww, Kathryn gets that everyone is leaning on Nick and it must be hard on him.

I could have done without Lucas and Randall having issues with their mother. The Ron Moore school of writing rears it's head.

OK, Nick isn't going to explode, he's going to fall back to his gambling addiction.

Egan: "Oh, that's going to make things confusing." Hee!

So is Lucas only saving his brother because it's what The Group wants? And it is putting him in a bad position just as his lawyer warned. I'm kind of wondering who is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome here.

Kathryn gave her word that Franny and Eva weren't involved. This is not going to turn out well.

Egan and Nick roomies. That should be entertaining.

I watched 30 Rock this evening too and while I think the writing is rather uneven Alec Baldwin is brilliant. If I believed the Emmys were worth anything I'd say give the man one right now.
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