Asta 2

The Nine

Poor Nick is getting pulled in every direction. In one of these eps he's going to explode. He's been way too controlled and accomodating thus far.

LUCAS KNEW LIZZIE WAS PREGNANT?! Before Jeremy knew??? And he was acting more interested and concerned then Jeremy was.

The Group. Lizzie named them? That's actually kind of creepy.

Wow. If not for a series of small events all od this could have been prevented.

Awwww, Kathryn gets that everyone is leaning on Nick and it must be hard on him.

I could have done without Lucas and Randall having issues with their mother. The Ron Moore school of writing rears it's head.

OK, Nick isn't going to explode, he's going to fall back to his gambling addiction.

Egan: "Oh, that's going to make things confusing." Hee!

So is Lucas only saving his brother because it's what The Group wants? And it is putting him in a bad position just as his lawyer warned. I'm kind of wondering who is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome here.

Kathryn gave her word that Franny and Eva weren't involved. This is not going to turn out well.

Egan and Nick roomies. That should be entertaining.

I watched 30 Rock this evening too and while I think the writing is rather uneven Alec Baldwin is brilliant. If I believed the Emmys were worth anything I'd say give the man one right now.
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I KNOW! That cracked me up cause I started to picture the 52-hour standoff as maybe 2 hours of scary-standoff-with-guns and 50 hours of sitting around and talking about each other's feelings. :)

So is Lucas only saving his brother because it's what The Group wants?

I really think he is. I think he feels so guilty about what happened (though technically he saved them, I suppose) that he wants to do what's best for The Group. It's interesting to see that Nick, Felicia and Lucas all feel more or less responsible for what happened. Nick was THISCLOSE to getting that door locked! Dammit!
And I got the sense from the look Malcolm gave Nick after Nick was forced behind the counter that he knew he may have just blown their one opportunity to get out of this by not shutting up. There are a lot of 'what if's' and guilt to go around.
Kristin Veitch at E reported that ABC just ordered a few more scripts, so that's....something. Better than NOT ordering more scripts! :) I want to start a campaign to get disgruntled Lost viewers to start watching The Nine instead. "Come see - we have flashbacks too!"

'Six Degrees' was replaced by a 'Grey's Anatomy' repeat tonight and I think that was a recent scheduling change. If ABC opts to keep a low rated show on the air it's going to be the one that's gotten excellent reviews and that would be 'The Nine'.
And our flashbacks actually have some kind of a point!!

"We have a Party of Five alum too! You know you always liked Bailey more than Charlie!"
I still believe that Lucas has some feelings for his brother. They were obviously very close at one time and I don't think he can completely turn off those feelings. But he also seems to have a deep need to do the right thing (ironic given how he got here) and he's willing to sacrifice his relationship with his brother, even his own life, to do that.
I agree, Lizzie must have confessed to Lucas she was pregnant to help ensure her safety. Still, it was a surprise when that's one of the first things he asked about.

Remember in the first episode, Nick tells his boss that he stopped going to GA because he doesn’t do the “group thing”?

Nope, I did not remember that. And I think it makes sense that Nick, who is more of a loner (in addition to the GA thing, he doesn't seem to fit well in the beaurocracy of the police department) and Egan, who is striving to break free of his predictable, 'normal' life, would then rebel against The Group dynamic and their decision.
I'm kind of wondering who is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome here.

Seriously, Lucas is being portrayed almost martyr-ish here in his dealings with everybody - even with Felicia he was all about protecting her. He just seems so passive and willing to do whatever people tell him to. It's very interesting to me, what's going on with him.

And yeah, it'd be nice to see some character on some TV show that had a good relationship with their parents. In my head I've decided that TV writers must have all had unhappy childhoods, but I don't know if bad childhood makes you a better writer (I had a happy childhood, and I can't write, so maybe) or if it's just an enormous coincidence.
I do worry that they are making Lucas too good-at-heart and sympathetic. He is bank robber (didn't Randall even mention that Lucas planned it?) and I'm sure he is being charged as an accessory in two murders. They're going to start having to give us hints as to how he got to that point.

I think the 'bad' parents angle is used as an easy short cut to explaining why someone has acted badly. Randall shot two people because he's mother didn't like him! The jailhouse confrontation would have been much more powerful if mom had been a good mother trying to figure out why her children did this and Lucas struggling to come up with an answer for her.
It's the contrast that makes Lucas seem too good too. Randall is EV0L LIKE WHOA and Lucas is the misunderstood woobie bank-robber who everybody loves. It can't be that simple.
I missed the episode because I decided to record a movie that I wanted to see for 4 years (that isn't on DVD yet and never was shown in theaters while everywhere else in the world had the movie out for years). I do wish I did record the Nine too, but there is only so much I can do with satellite.