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BSG Airings Tonight

Another week, another change in the schedule! My guess is Sci-Fi is seeing what times do best. Anyway, tonight itairs at 9est then again at 11 and 12est.

Oh, and I'm copying and pasting a post from one of the Sci-FI threads.

Contrary to all the alarm. BSG is not being canceled because of ratings. I have said this before, and I know it will fall on deaf ears, or be written off as lies that the studio is telling us, so they don't hurt our feelings (yeah, that's how Hollywood works @@). Here is what we are hearing.

BSG is SciFi's flagship show, they think it is the best season so far. The ratings in key demographics are actually better or holding. There are a lot of reasons why the network thinks that the overall ratings aren't great. None of them are related to the quality of the show, or it's subject matter. No one is asking Ron to change direction. They like the direction.
Did anyone see the NYTimes today? Another great review BSG. NETWORKS LIKE THAT KIND OF PRESS !!!!!!! It makes them attractive to other talent, shows like BSG draw respected writers and producers to SCIFI. That counts for a LOT !!!!!!! It is good for a network or a studio to have this kind of critical acclaim. They do not make Oscar contenders because they make money. SAW III made more than Clint's film, it will continue to make more. Studios like Oscars, they like to make respectable prestigious material, as long as they can also make moneymakers. IT IS THE WAY THE INDUSTRY WORKS.

Will BSG be canceled at some point? YES Might the ratings be a factor at some point? YES
But none of that is happening now. Everyone needs to calm down. You guys are the only ones who are in a frenzy about cancellation. Ron is not. The studio is not. The network is not. The only rumors about cancellation are on these message boards. I KNOW, I will be discounted and ignored, I know there are those who know SO much more than I do about these things. I have only been in the business for twenty-odd years, but I just love wasting breath.
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