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Rant #138 and It Has Nothing to Do with Fandom

When I checked my mail this evening I found one single envelope, personally addressed to me. From the look and feel, I was thinking invitation. When I opened it I saw it was a wedding invitation. Now, most people probably enjoy receiving these things. Me? My first thought is "Who the Hell do I know that's getting married now?" After seeing the date of October 10 I realized it was Darcy, one of my co-workers.

OK, so I knew this one was coming. At least she didn't invite me to any of her showers so I didn't have to cough up money for two gifts. (If you haven't already guessed, we're not close. Actually, I don't particularly like her which is probably mutual hence our lack of speaking to each other.)

Anyway, October 10 is a Friday. The wedding is at 6:30. Um, we work until 5:00. Does anybody but me see a problem here?

I immediately called TC to see if she had received her invitation, she had, and was as perplexed as I. To silence my ranting she said "Oh, you can just change at my house" as opposed to me trying to change in a bathroom stall without accidentally falling into the toilet.

Then we actually looked at the map provided to see where the church is only to discover I live much closer to it. Actually, I'm the only one in my department who lives reasonably close to the church. Now, I get to look forward to two months of living in fear that the rest of my department will want to use my apartment as changing room central. I'm already envisioning Angie taking inventory and calculating how much my furniture cost. This is a woman who thinks people who shop at JC Penny are putting on airs. My entertainment equipment alone would probably give her apoplexy.

Now for a random change of subject....I was perusing my latest Entertainment Weekly this evening - the one with the Queer Eye crew on the cover. Here are a few of my favorite fine-dining tips from Ted Allen:

The only diet most people will ever need: Eat anything and everything you want, so long as it's natural. Just don't eat so damned much of it.

If it comes in a spray can, don't eat it.

Nobody cares whether you're using the right fork for each course, but the general rule is to start with the utensils farthest out from the plate and work your way in. If anyone questions your choice of implement, the appropriate response is to stab them in the thigh with it.

And Stephen King is now writing a monthly column for the mag. In his debut piece he states his views on pop culture. In reference to Antwone Fisher (haven't seen it, don't really care to)..."don't throw a bunch of sentimental tripe at me and call it social commentary...a $9 Hallmark card that amounts to 'Roses are red, Violets are blue, Life is tough, But you'll get through.' I knew that already, thanks, now go away." LMAO. Probably because it sounds like something I'd say. :)
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