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I Just Need To Vent About One Thing

'Collaborators' was great. Amazing in some respects. Two excelent eps in a row and I am *this* close to declaring the show back on track. However, I had one problem. Most of you can probably guess what it is. And because I want my long post to be filled with all that was good I'm just going to say this here. Honestly, I’m not sure where Lee would have worked well in this ep (yes, part of me says it would have been nice to see him at the swearing in, part of me wants Fit!Lee when he and Roslin see each other again) so I’m OK with the reduced presence. I also found out this evening he shadowed the director during filming which may account for less screen time. However, the weight jokes fill me with rage. IT’S NOT FUNNY RON. “I have a date with a jump rope” was merely groan inducing, but after he announced he’s lost half a stone Adama just looks at him and says “Keep jumping.” News flash Adama, your son is showing you he’s gotten his act back together and is, presumably, getting ready to get back in a viper to risk his ass, AGAIN, for the fleet. You can thank him when he’s on another ship about to be destroyed and can’t hear you, but then run him down to his face. He looked so hurt. Does Ron not see how bad this makes everyone look? Grrrrr.

Btw, the code word to access the online content for tonight's ep is RIFT. But be warned that clips from next weeks ep are included and the material is somewhat spoilery. Interviews tonight are with Jamie, Tahmoh, Mary, and Michael Hogan.
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Yeah, I completely ignored the section with Lee and Adama, just pretending it didn't exist because, wow, not funny at all.

I love the online content stuff, it has made me crazy anxious to see next week's episode!
I almost wish Lee wasn't in the ep. He could have been off doing inspections around the fleet, finding out what they have in the way of supplies, etc. I would have been fine without him being there. But they needed someone to clue Adama in to what is going on and I guess explain how he'll be thin next week so they stuck him with this crappy scene.
Pssst.... what's url for the online content?

Yeah, I'm a bit dense today.
Thanks! I love how long they interview Jamie for given his one whole scene.

The scenes from next week. Gee, Adama seems a bit irked with Kara.
Undortunately it the online content is only available until 2:00am est. I was going to watch it again and forgot. :(
I don't want to dislike Adama, but RM is doing a hell of a job.

I like to belief that Olmos is trying to make it work, but I have no idea, and I'm irrationally cranky enough tonight to try nto to overthink it.
Now that you mention it, EJO didn't seem, I don't know, into this ep? All of his scenes felt rather flat for me. Maybe he did have issues with some things.
Apparently in addition to being irrationally cranky, I can't type, either. ::sigh:: I'm afraid to go look at my reaction-post.
I like Adama being there - I don't want a show without him - but I don't *like* him, meaning that he constantly frustrates me. I'm getting a bit tired of how he treats Lee. I know he loves him and has difficulty communicating that and that Lee was hurtful in the past, but Lee has moved past that and shown a lot of love and affection, not to mention class, toward his father since the mini, and in contrast some of Adama's behavior toward him is just mean-spirited. There seems to be no real reason for it either, and if that's the way Adama is going to act, then that should be explored a bit more. It's coming across as a bit abusive.
I wouldn't want a show without Adama either. Heck, I don't want a show without any of them really. I'm just getting really frustrated by Jamie/Lee's lack of screen time (though it dawned on me that Grace and Tricia have been done no favors recently) and the relationship being portrayed between father and son. Lee seemed so proud of himself in that he was getting back to caring again, about himself and the fleet, and Adama basically tells him he's not doing good enough. Which, gee, isn't that reinforcing Lee's feelings of inferiority from season 1 and, specifically, his self-doubt in 'Hand of God'? OK, I'm sure I'm reading way too much into this, but Ron seems so intent on giving the secondary characters (Tigh, Gaeta, Tyrol) great material that the main players are getting the shaft. Maybe if we got a seen where Lee blows up at Adama and Adama's definitely made to look like the bad guy I'd be better dealing with all this.
OK, I'm sure I'm reading way too much into this, but Ron seems so intent on giving the secondary characters (Tigh, Gaeta, Tyrol) great material that the main players are getting the shaft..

I wouldn't say the main players (I'm assuming you're referring to the Adamas) are getting the shaft-- mostly because right now I don't think they have the compelling story. I think they will, soon, but right now the story is still with the people who were on New Caprica and I'm happy that Tigh, Gaeta, Tyrol et al are getting significant screen time at least for the moment. I mean, as opposed to seeing Lee jumping the hell out of that rope. Though, hey, go Lee!

Zarek, on the other hand. . . he and Roslin got a good story tonight.
I really love all the characters on the show so I'm not unhappy that supporting players are getting some good material. I just think the cast is getting to big and they are struggling to give everyone something good to play with. In addition to Jamie, Tricia and Grace haven't had much to do either. And I don't mind if a character only has one scene if it's a good one. But Tahmoh and Jamie got the spouting exposition roles this evening.
Boy, that is one time I wanted to smack Adama. I've been in Lee's shoes, so I know how much that must have hurt.