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I Just Need To Vent About One Thing

'Collaborators' was great. Amazing in some respects. Two excelent eps in a row and I am *this* close to declaring the show back on track. However, I had one problem. Most of you can probably guess what it is. And because I want my long post to be filled with all that was good I'm just going to say this here. Honestly, I’m not sure where Lee would have worked well in this ep (yes, part of me says it would have been nice to see him at the swearing in, part of me wants Fit!Lee when he and Roslin see each other again) so I’m OK with the reduced presence. I also found out this evening he shadowed the director during filming which may account for less screen time. However, the weight jokes fill me with rage. IT’S NOT FUNNY RON. “I have a date with a jump rope” was merely groan inducing, but after he announced he’s lost half a stone Adama just looks at him and says “Keep jumping.” News flash Adama, your son is showing you he’s gotten his act back together and is, presumably, getting ready to get back in a viper to risk his ass, AGAIN, for the fleet. You can thank him when he’s on another ship about to be destroyed and can’t hear you, but then run him down to his face. He looked so hurt. Does Ron not see how bad this makes everyone look? Grrrrr.

Btw, the code word to access the online content for tonight's ep is RIFT. But be warned that clips from next weeks ep are included and the material is somewhat spoilery. Interviews tonight are with Jamie, Tahmoh, Mary, and Michael Hogan.
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