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Podcast for 'Collaborators'

Hopefully I didn’t miss anything, I listened while I was at work and was jotting down notes long hand. I was shocked to find this rather interesting.

• Ron feels this may be the darkest episode they’ve ever done.

• Jammer and Duck’s roles were reversed at the suggestion of Aaron Douglas who thought Jammer was better suited for the role of collaborator. He’s been shown to be a bit weakly and could be led astray.

• The fleet lost ships in the exodus so the ships are more crowded now. Civilians are living on Galactica and they will be more ‘in your face’ in the future.

• The original opening involved someone being airlocked on the Monarch.

• The episode was to focus more heavily on other storylines. For instance, we were to see more of Baltar’s relationship with D’Anna and Caprica Six.

• In the original draft Laura did not kiss Baltar. After she makes the comment about always wanting him and he asks ‘Really?’ she takes a gun out and shoots him. Either Mary or James or both had the idea to kiss thus shocking him out of the dream.

• They felt the Cylon ship needed to be more alien, more sci-fi looking given who the Cylons are.

• Kara and Anders figured more predominately in early drafts, but their storyline as well as Baltar’s were trimmed when they decided to focus on the collaborators story.

• The Laura/Zarek storyline was very different. Laura and Adama were working together to get Zarek out of office, to take him down, and rest control from him. In a final act to spite them it’s he that pardons everyone and calls for reconciliation. And Zarek did not originally know about The Circle or sanction it, but approved of it once he became aware of it.

• The Gaeta storyline was a bit different with earlier attempts made to grab him and him getting away. Tigh is brought into The Circle to help capture him and at the end it’s he that saves Gaeta more so then Tyrol.

• It was decided to have Tigh there from the start because he exacted the same price from his wife.

• Tigh was supposed to be drunk in CIC. Michael Hogan did not want to portray him as such because he didn’t want an excuse for Tigh’s behavior – he didn’t want anyone to think it was just the alcohol talking. The scene shows the beginning of a Tigh/Adama estrangement and Tigh’s complete inability to fit in the command structure now.

• Showing The Circle meeting was a later addition. They wanted to show that these weren’t crazy people. The members took what they were doing to heart, that they were a jury, and that it was important they believe what they were doing was just and the right thing to do. It was also important that they not wear their uniforms because, while the president gave them authority, this was not a military operation.

• The mood on the Cylon set is meant to be more surreal and Ron knows the sets will never be as cool as what our minds eye imagines.

• The Lee/Adama scene was longer. We see the two walking through the crowded corridors filled with civilian refugees, some sleeping in the halls, talking about refugee and supply problems and Lee comments on how it’s nicer to have a noisy, crowded ship again. Then we pick up the conversation in Adama’s quarters. BTW, Ron really likes the “keep jumping” beat. Ass.

• Who was going to believe Gaeta’s story? No one. He was dammed because he worked for Baltar.

• Baltar’s, “I probably should have started with that” was James’ contribution and Ron found it too funny to leave out.

• The scenes between Kara and Anders and The Circle were not originally intercut. Kara was supposed to go back in after the breakup. Katee was in the shots with Tigh, Tyrol, and the others and they had to do quite a bit of work to cut her out. Ron is still dissatisfied with the breakup scene, but it was more melodramatic in earlier drafts.

• Anders has come a long way and is now part of the family. It’s not the last time we see him.

• As originally written, Gaeta did beg for his life but Alessandro said Gaeta would realize the futility of begging.

• There were nightmare sequences written for Kara that were cut because they weren’t working. Ron wished they could have shown her pain more; he’s not feeling it as strongly as he would like.

• Tory played a major role in events in the episode, but her scenes got cut for time. I’m kind of glad they did since it would have changed my feelings on her *a lot*. In the scene with Laura, Adama, and Zarek, Laura is given the name of the woman The Circle had killed on the other ship. The name sounds familiar to her and she realizes she has a picture of her which she goes to get out of her journal. It’s missing. Tory took it and gave it to Zarek who, in turn, gave it to The Circle. Tory was the linchpin of the operation. Tory is shattered by the revelation. In the scene that would have followed, but was moved to Exodus (the one in which she and Laura discuss Hera) Tory went on to tell Laura she was sorry she betrayed her, but that she wanted all those people to die and didn’t want any more trials, etc. Hence the crying.

• Adama immediately getting up and applauding was to show he wholeheartedly supports and respects what Laura is doing. Eh. I didn’t quite get that vibe.
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