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End of month work craziness so this will be as quick as I can possibly make it...

In movie news, in the past week or so I’ve seen The Prestige which I enjoyed muchly, largely do to the performances. The ‘twiists’ I figured out fairly early on, but I enjoyed watching how everything came together and I want to see the film again to pick up on some very subtle reveals.

I also saw Marie Antoinette which was better than I expected. It’s an odd film in that it feels like nothing much happens, then again, we all know the story by now. As far as I could tell the film did a good job of sticking to the facts. My biggest gripe would be the casting of Jason Schwartzman who had zero screen presence and a very flat delivery.

I am finally caught up with Friday Night Lights and I think they’ve got me hooked for the rest of the season. Some fabulous performances from some very inexperienced young actors. The weak link for me is the actress playing Lyla. It’s a complex role and she doesn’t seem up to it. I actually think the character could be likeable, even given some of her actions, yet my dislike of her is growing. And I could really do without the teen quasi-love triangle, but it’s hard for even the best shows to escape some melodrama.

I watched the first two eps of Torchwood…and I’ll be kind and just say I didn’t like it. Unless someone on my Flist raves about a particular ep, I don’t intend to waste my time downloading and watching any longer. There were far too many problems for me in the characterizations and writing and one plot point in particular I found offensive.

It’s pretty cool to see people just accepting these outrageous claims being made. Granted, the acceptance is from people who share these gifts and are in it together, but, still.

Claire’s birth parents my ass.

Hiro to Ando: "You don’t need super powers to be a hero." Awwwwww.

Why is Mohinder just giving up? Seriously, uneless there is some masterful writing for his character coming up, I’m through with him pretty or not.

Funniest line, Claire’s mom: "This is so awkward I’ve got lip sweat."

The evil girl working for Claire’s dad. Wow, so not shocked.

Claire’s dad knows about "save the cheerleader" now. Did he or didn’t he know his daughter was the key to what lies ahead?

Nikki and DL didn’t know about each others powers which surprised me at first, but it seems that most people are just becoming aware of their uniqueness.

New ‘House' tonight! And at it’s old time of 9est.

I have no idea how spoilerphobic people are about SGA casting, but Gateworld has some info about a past and future guest star.

Phew! Back to work!
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