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I can’t say for sure this was the funniest episode of ‘House’ I’ve ever seen, but I can’t recall the last time I laughed so much during an episode. There was some very witty and funny dialogue and it wasn’t all coming from Hugh Laurie. Not that the cast wasn’t a good ensemble before, but they really seem to be clicking in Season 3.

One significant theme I picked up on is that the show seems to be showing us that House’s shtick is getting old at worst, predictable at best. The police detective was able to read him two minutes after meeting him. Cuddy was prepared for every attempt by him to catch her off guard. Foreman was spot on when he begged Chase not to show House the box of condemns because he’d immediately condemn the husband as a “cheating bastard” and jump to conclusions. Chase is now rather blasé about House’s outlandish actions (“I haven’t committed a felony yet today”) and has become surprisingly honest as to why he won’t side with him, “they’re too ethical and I’m too afraid of getting sued..” And was I imagining things or was Wilson limping in time with House implying that he’s using it to his advantage?

Now, I need to single out Cameron and, once again, comment on how she is being written sooo much better. Cameron can give as good as she gets now. Hell, she’s even sounding like House . In reference to the nurse, “I tried following her home but she gave me the slip.” And it’s not because she’s trying to emulate him or make him notice her. There was nothing self-conscious or manipulative in her line deliveries. It’s natural that you pick up on the humor, isms, and behaviour of those you are with day in and day out. I think she’s using his behavior against him in a smart way. She realizes it’s a way to snap him out of his obsession of the moment and get him to pay attention to her as a doctor. I don’t doubt for a minute she still has feelings for him, but she’s given up pining and pursuing and I’m sensing she’s becoming more attractive to him in the process. And maybe it’s just me, but I’m no longer seeing the age difference between the two and it has everything to do with her new found maturity and professionalism.

So the regular cast thrilled me last night. When they’re good, they are very good. However, after the episode finished and I pondered the plot and I had some issues.

That the husband and wife were half-siblings was a surprise and their reactions to the news seemed believable. But the chances for half-siblings getting the same rare disease I would think would be no more than 50%. And that both would develop symptoms within 24 hours of each other I’d put at zero. Almost as perplexing to me was Foreman’s telling them they weren’t really brother and sister because they didn’t know/didn’t grow up together and basically implying for them to ignore the revelation. To me it’s on par with ignorance of the law doesn’t absolve you of the crime. I’m reasoning that Dad killed himself because he knew his children were off together doing stuff they should not be doing or because he failed to stop them by not telling them the truth.

My other major problem is with the police detective who will be around to make House’s life miserable. Initially, I liked the idea of him. As I mentioned above, those closest to him have seemed to grow weary of House’s behavior. They don’t know how to change him after so many failed attempts now it’s just a matter of learning to live with him by, essentially, becoming more like him. So maybe it is an outsider who has his own share of power and ways to truly get to House that is needed to take him on and force him to make some changes. But while an intriguing idea, the reality is it’s just one bully taking on another in a power play. Adding to my concerns are the detectives WTF? tactics. Kicking House’s cane out from under him is simply not cool. Arresting him for narcotics possession because he didn’t have a prescription with him? Good grief, my mother could end up in jail! Who carries their prescriptions with them?

Of course, the arrest could have been avoided if House had played nice and just taken a ticket for speeding and driving without a license. And it looks like next week he gets in even more trouble for simply not taking what he needed when he needed it and stockpiling instead. I don’t want House to intrinsically change, but I would like to see him acknowledge he has some serious problems. Unfortunately, drumming up far-fetched plot contrivances is not the way to do it...says the BSG fan. ;)

For those who don’t watch CSI regularly (like me) a heads up that Alan Tudyk is on tomorrow night playing a convicted pedophile. Should be ineterstign since I’m so use to him in lighter roles.

So keswindhover mentioned on her LJ an alternative to NaNoWriMo, wrisomifu. The goal is to write at least ten minutes a day, every single day of November 2006. I'm not actually going to join the community because the chance of me posting there is nil, but I like the idea and am going to give it a go on my own. Last night I even tackled my long gestating L/L fic and that final scene that is kicking my ass.
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