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Wednesday TV Viewing

OMG, Franny and Jeremy are so cute it's killing me. Here I thought he was a big ball of suck in the first two eps. And until I saw the look on her face after hearing Lizzie was pregnant I really didn't think she was as interested in him as he was in her. These two are polar opposites on paper, yet are so sweet when they are together. And she seems to bring out the best in him, perhaps because she provides him with a life completely seperate from the hospital.

It was interesting to watch both Kathryn and Nick be presented with a theory and quickly try to build a case to support Eva's complicity despite what they came to know of her personally - flashing back to previously disregarded moments and twisting Eva's words to support their presumptions. Then Nick is left feeling like crap when it's revealed that she changed her plane reservation four times in the hope that Nick might be her future.

I don't know what the hell Randall's brilliant plan was, but, boy, did it blow up in his face. Hee! Maybe they can add attempted sexual assault to the list of charges against him.

It struck me tonight that Egan, though one of The Nine, also is very much on the outside lookng in. He's constantly observing everyone and perhaps is privy to the most information because of it. He's friends to all of them, yet hasn't formed a special bond with anyone in particular. He's the guy who always seems to walk in on the middle of conversations or the one that picks up when no one else does the growing feelings between Jeremy and Franny.

Anyone else happy Ricky has moved in with his grandmother? I feel bad for the kid, but his scenes have always felt like an interuption to me and not really contributing to the development of the overall story or character arcs, even Franny's.

Oh, and Tim Daly should ALWAYS wear a black tee shirt. It should be an FCC mandate or something.

30 Rock continues to grow on me and I'm sure that had nothing to do with the 'Star Wars' references and Tina Fey hollering, "But Captain Needa died!".

And dear writers of Bones I do NOT want to ship another couple. Please do not have Bones and Booth acting so damn cute and stand that close to each other and have David look so sexy it just gives me ideas and that will only lead to aggrevation and me yelling at the TV.
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