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After Having the Work Day from Hell Yesterday....

Things that have made me very happy in the last twenty-four hours:

Getting gas at $2.15 before it jumped to $2.35.

Coming home last night and finding more GUH inducing photos of Jamie at jamiebambernews

…which now has forty-four members. Wheeeeee!!!

…and which wouldn’t be such a success without all of you who have rec’d it and contributed to it and ::hugs::

Watching Jamie be utterly adorable on the TV Guide channel last night *and* being well dressed in blue jeans, white tee, and leather jacket while doing so.

Knowing my boss genuinely appreciates me and the work I do and knowing he hasn’t even seen the glowing review I gave him yet. ;)

Finding out Lost was beaten by Criminal Minds Wednesday about 1 million viewers. ::dies laughing::

E-mailing with your friend who is six hours ahead of you in the morning and your friends who are three hours behind you in the afternoon.

Having the scene that’s been kicking your ass finally having its ass kicked…and groped. ;)

Watching Jack and Teal’c switch bodies and OMG who knew Chris Judge was THAT good?

Part 4 of Mary's Q&A up at Sci-Fi.

New BSG in 90 minutes!
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