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I’ll begin with the deep thought I had in regards to Sharon now being known as Athena. (You thought I was going to begin with Lee didn’t you? Didn’t you? ;p) It makes a lot of sense that Sharon would want to further establish herself as an individual and reinforce that she is not Boomer who is again alive, residing on a basestar, and very much the enemy. She’s been, somewhat surprisingly, readily accepted by the crew. Her new identity is given to her by Hot Dog, the only one to put serious thought into her renaming and it seems, to me, to have a bit of a crush on her. That the actor is also EJO’s son makes it amusing, but I digress...

If you were even a casual fan of the original series you probably recall that Athena was the daughter of Adama. But as I was chatting with danceswithwords and sdwolfpup it hit me that even in Greek mythology Athena was Apollo’s sister which also makes her the daughter of Zeus.

We’ve seen the bond between Adama and Sharon grow since the latter half Season 2. In the season premiere Adama confessed to her that he felt she was the only one he could turn to, feeling once again distanced from Lee. And in the closing moments of ‘Torn’ we get the kick to the gut revelation by Adama to both Kara and us that he use to see her as a daughter, but no more. That Adama is the first to use Sharon’s new call sign and quick to correct Helo when he refers to his wife as Sharon I don’t think can be disregarded.

I did some googling this morning and I came across a few interesting facts. According to some legends, Athena was Zeus’s third child, after Artemis and Apollo. While I have issues referring to Kara being Artemis, we have enough support to allow that Adama looks to Sharon as another addition to the family.

Hot Dog pointed out some of Sharon’s positive attributes including wisdom, being a defender in war, and bringing peace. However, Athena’s weaknesses include being overly ruled by reason and not usually being emotional or compassionate – all of which we’ve seen Sharon exhibit at times.

And what does it say that the monotheistic Sharon chose to accept the name of a polytheistic god? Is she becoming more accepting of the humans beliefs? Or was it just another attempt by her to fit in? While there are references to being ‘torn’ throughout the episode, the sentiment struck me most at the end as Sharon and Racetrack discover the dying basestar. As Racetrack hurries to get them out of there you can see that Sharon is hesitant to act. She knows something is very, very wrong and begins quoting the scripture that she knows.

Something else I discovered in regards to the god Apollo that could be potentially intriguing. Keeping in mind that we have now been introduced to a virus capable of killing all Cylons, in mythology Apollo is the archer-god of medicine and healing and also a bringer of death-dealing plague. I wouldn’t put it past Ron to be that literal.

Speaking of Apollo ;), yes, Lee had another small part this week. Not really bothersome to me since I knew this was a two parter and he’ll have a substantial role to play in the stories continuation. And, hey, Laura had a tiny part too consisting of setting up Gaeta’s new role as heir apparent to Baltar in science and research. (Though what the hell was up with Laura explaining to Adama that it was a metaphor? Please. The guy has a library of books; he knows what a metaphor is.)
While Lee didn’t have much screen time, he seemed very much like Season 1/early Season 2 Lee to me and we were able to establish some interesting relationship dynamics. Not once does Lee refer to Kara by her name, only her call sign. He seems less concerned with her personal welfare than the possibility of losing one of his vipers. Yet he shows an awareness that something is not right with her when he makes that comment about taking her to the airlock if she wants to kill herself. Lee came close to ending his own life and Kara knows it. Does he simply sense that she’s in a bad place or does he know anything specific? But when Lee made his choice he didn’t nearly take someone else out with him. If Kara is going to be that reckless she needs to be grounded.

His harshness with her, though deserved, seems to have taken the deck crew by surprise. I’m sure the assumption was that these two friends would be thrilled to be reunited just as everyone else, but not so much.

I will admit I was this close to being very annoyed when Lee stepped on the scale, but when the camera pulled back to reveal Helo, as you saw in my post last night, I was very geeked. Yeah, I’d be lying if I said half dressed, sweaty Lee, gratuitous a shot as it was, wasn’t a beautiful site to behold for many reasons. I also look forward to the hundred fanfics that began being written last night. ;) But what got me most excited is that Lee and Helo are friends. Lee has a male friend, someone he can work out with, someone he can talk to. Did this happen over the past year or the past month? (Lee would have needed at least a month to get back in shape like that, but in reality I don’t think it could have been more than a couple weeks since ‘Collaborators’.) There was such a nice, easy rapore between the two – Helo calling him “Slim” and Lee telling him to "Remind me to never let that happen again...ever" - this tells me that though the work is done, the friendship will remain. And while Helo’s ‘told you could do it’ and ‘you did great’ seems a mite condescending to be directed towards a former battlestar commander, it was nice to hear someone being so supportive of him. No fat jokes. No comparisons to the old man.

Another thing I greatly appreciated was the show addressing some nagging questions. The ship is still overrun by families who are now being housed in a hanger deck. Racetrack agrees to be second seat to Sharon because, with the destruction of Pegasus, they have more pilots than birds. In a nice bit of continuity, we see one of the viper pilots from ‘Pegasus’ sitting there amongst the Galactica gang. And while it was a little disconcerting to see Apollo totally miss Kat during the training exercise, the reality is he hasn’t been in a viper in, by my estimation, over eighteen months. He and many others are going to be rusty and it’s nice to see that they need practice.

The command structure is confusing me. Lee is apparently a major again, which given that the promotion to Pegasus commander was a field promotion, I get being bumped back. He also appears to be the CAG which makes sense given Kara’s inability to be involved with anything outside her own pain and that Lee has much more experience than Kat. But Tigh has not been reinstated to XO or is at least not the sole XO, and Helo is only a captain. Lee obviously doesn’t have a problem with the situation, which may only be temporary until some sort of normalcy returns to the fleet. I’m just very confused.

Baltar asks Six why we’ve only seen seven Cylon models when there are twelve. Good question! And we get no answer. danceswithwords had an interesting theory about that which I hope she elaborates on.

I’m on the fence in regards to the B storyline aboard the basestar. I am enjoying Baltar’s being the alien amongst the Cylons and seeing how far he’s fallen since his election to president. He’s also regressed to season 1 Baltar doing anything to save his skin. He claims to know nothing about the location of earth until D’Anna/Three reveals that knowledge is the only thing keeping him alive. Suddenly, he has a wealth of information that could help them. Weeks before he was begging for death now, once again, he’ll flirt with the possibility of betraying humanity to save his life.

His murder of the Six model was chilling. He’s encouraged people to end their lives before (Boomer). He’s killed before (Crashdown). But both situations were for a greater good. Here, the only reason for his totally unnecessary action (the Six model was near death) was to silence her because the words were too painful for him to hear.

It’s also fascinating to me that, once more, Baltar’s actions inadvertently lead to near annihilation of a civilization. He didn’t know about the virus as the Cylons now suspect, but he did send them to that location. And video footage plays a key role in undermining his credibility and may prove to be his undoing. In ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ it was a doctored image that implicated him, but, here, it’s his own actions and lies that trip him up. Six seems to have officially had it with him and I fear that Baltar will soon wish he had taken his chances with the humans.

Head Six does seem to be completely cut off from her living counterparts. I’m still not certain what that means, but she does seem to be trying to protect Baltar, “Learn all you can about Cylons…you’ll need it in the days ahead.”

Now for what I don’t like about the Cylon storyline, for a show that has done so much to be viewed as a drama and draw parallels to real life, the Cylon arc is *very* sci-fi. The once mysterious Cylons are…not so mysterious. And they’re on a living ship! With a pilot! Hasn’t Ron criticized Farscape in the past? Not to mention, The Hybrid, while cool looking and creepy the idea of a living being being plugged into a system and controlling it has most recently been done in Doctor Who and Minority Report.

Oh Saul, Oh Kara, what to do with you two crazy, mixed up kids. Whatever sliver of hope I had that Tigh could recover is now gone – “that man doesn’t exist anymore Bill and you won’t be seeing me again.” I wonder if Adama knew the full story, exactly why Tigh was in this state, if he’d dig deeper and try to find a way to reach him or know there is just no way to do it.

Tigh has tried to convince himself he did the right thing, but he’s living his life at the bottom of a bottle. He hears Ellen’s voice condemning him. He surrounds himself with her things and memories of their life together. For a second I wondered if Tigh might think to use Kara’s gun on himself but, no, that would be too easy. He wants to suffer. He wants the guilt to destroy him. Saul Tigh is dead; his body just doesn’t know it yet.

It seems that the civilians and the military, those that remained behind and those that chose to settle on New Caprica are doing a pretty good job of getting along. Laura and Adama were resuming plans to find earth, not talking about having to quash rebellion. Kara and Tigh’s pain runs so deep that, as Helo so rightly put it “they don’t care” that they are creating animosity amongst the crew and possibility endangering their chances of survival. Their behavior is understandable on a personal level (sorry Kat, they did suffer much more than you), but it’s also selfish, dangerous, and cannot be tolerated.

I know some people are unhappy with Adama’s treatment of Kara. It could be put on par with his tough love approach that resulted in the insensitive and hurtful treatment of Lee. Adama is never going to get a father of the year award. But there are some key differences. The attacks on Lee were cheap shots and directed at his physical appearance which, sorry, had nothing to do with how he performed his duty as a commander. And, ultimately, Lee had to dig deep within himself to discover what he had to do.

Kara, on the other hand, is being attacked for her behavior As unfortunate as it may be, Kara does respond to physical and verbal assaults towards her. I thought back to the one time Lee truly pissed me off. In ‘KLG’ he went out of his way to humiliate and degrade Kara on the flight deck, in front of others, for sleeping with Baltar - something that was none of his damn business. Yes, they punched each other, but Kara also apologized which she should not have done. A weakness in her is the fear of disappointing the men she cares about. Lee, Adama, even Anders who she was insistent on rescuing because she made a promise to come back and couldn’t live with the thought that *he* thought she let him down.

While Adama knocking her on her ass and informing her “You were like a daughter to me once, no more” seems like the wake up call she needed to start getting her act together, I think it was a culmination of events. Lee grounded her, taking away her ability to fly, something she loves and excels at. She discovers Kacey bonded with her and wants to see her reinforcing that Kara did do good with her. Tigh, in his bitterness, comments that a “Cylon lover is holding down his post” and Helo, as far as we know, she still counts as a friend. Is she expected to turn her back on him and lose him too? Her last connection to her old life, a life that had some happiness for her is Adama, and he tells her to get the hell off his ship. At the end of the day she realizes she has to try and reclaim and rebuild what was hers, what was taken from her, or give up like Tigh. She makes a painful, but adult decision. I also have to wonder, as she stares at herself in the mirror, does she just see a reflection of herself or her mother and what she could become?

Random notes:

* 41,422 survivors this week, 41,435 last week. They’re doing their math.

* Funniest line, Gaeta to Adama: “I thought the doctor might be off his meds.”

* Naked Grace! At least Jamie wasn’t alone in the gratuitous show of skin.

* I swear, when they first showed Tricia in the long black wig and black clothes I thought it was Claudia Black. Which would be bad because then I’d start having much more sympathy for the Cylons. I have a feeling the look was used because, originally, Six was to have raven black hair.

* The satellite (?) better not be earth. Star Trek: The Motion Picture was boring.

* Shouldn’t Tigh have an eye patch by now? The cotton pad taped over his eye is looking rather silly at this point.

* And let us take a moment to say goodbye to Lee’s pregnancy padding, Kara’s hair extensions, and Tigh’s sanity.
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  • Happy Anniversary!

    One year ago today, Battlestar Galactica ended it's run. Some of us liked the finale and found it a satisfying, if flawed, ending. Some of us, well,…

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