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I only got about three hours sleep last night. And it's all k_julia's fault! She demanded porn fan fiction (which, to be fair, I did sort of promise to get to her this weekend) and the tweaking I was going to do turned into some significant rewrites and pretty soon my Midnight cut off became 3am. But a draft was finished, as finished a first draft as I've ever done, and was sent off to her and it doesn't suck! Not that I thought it did, but I tried some different things with this story and it took me weeks to get Lee and Laura naked so I was a little concerned how it would all read. Now I am on to actual tweaking, adding some relatively small things here and there. I can't begin to say how invaluable a second pair of eyes are to a story because there never fails to be something obvious I missed because I'm so close to the work.

Speaking of BSG, sort of, Comcast On Demand has the perview scene up for this weeks ep. For anyone who watched the online only content after 'Torn' aired it's an extension of the scene that Sci-Fi put up. I have to make one non-spoilery comment - the command situation continues to confuse me.

Am I the only one who didn't miss Mohinder at all? Yeah, that says a lot about the character.

We get it. Hiro can stop time. Enough with the long ass frozen time shots.

I'm interested to learn more about Nathan's wife's accident and his involvement in it. And she seems far too supportive and understanding.

Nikki's evil twin/alter ego has her own name, Jessica. Uh-huh. Sounds like someone needs a therapist who specializes in Multiple Personality Disorder.

Mikah has powers too! Wow, I saw that coming weeks ago! The fact that he knows Mom shares her body with someone else was a surprise.

Agent Weiss! Seriously, did Greg swipe the suit as he left the set of Alias for the last time? And he should dump the wife because he's much more interesting (and likeable) with Clea.

Now off to sleep (sorry, Julia) because the sleep deprivation and Advil have gotten the best of me.
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