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This TV Season Is Exhausting Me

Too many shows, too little time.

Since the writers did us the service of pointing out the parallels between George and House, I won’t bother. ;)

So should we start taking bets on when Cameron and House hit the sheets? Man, it’s becoming obvious. Not that the idea bothers me, especially with all the changes Cameron has undergone. And they’ve found better ways to convey her attraction/affection. Her wondering why House was much later than usual by fearing he may have had an accident with the motorcycle was cute rather than desperate or cloying.

What’s really interesting though is that Cameron has seemingly become a less arrogant and abrasive version of House. She lied, she manipulated, she drugged (!), she did whatever she had to to get George the treatment she felt he needed even if it wasn’t what he wanted. So very House. And all of which made Cameron more attractive to House. However, I feel I should be a little disturbed (though not surprised) that the person House is most drawn to is himself.

Of course, it seems House may be changing just a bit as well. He inadvertently lets Cuddy’s secret out – that she’s trying to get pregnant – and instead of revealing the full story and confirming they heard right, he immediately tries to cover for his slip, essentially trying to protect her by saying it was all a joke. Why does he do it? Because beyond his frustration with her and contrary to what he may say he does consider her a friend and he knows, more often than not, she’s put her ass and the hospital on the line for him. Not to mention he respects people who fight back. Hence his new found respect for Cameron and telling Chase he can just sit their on his ass.

I’ll be interested to see what happens next week between House and Wilson. Wilson seemed pretty confidant when he began answering Tritter’s questions. He wasn’t lying for a friend, he really had written prescriptions, presumably a lot, for House so there would be no need to lie, right? Wrong. I don’t quite get House’s stupidity in falsifying prescriptions or stockpiling pills. I suppose it’s a natural extension of who he is, pushing limits, seeing how much he can get away with, having a pathological need to win. But I fear that his reckless behavior may have just hurt Wilson.

I think Tritter may escape the Vogler comparisons by me. He did something small that caught my attention, but it was enough. Vogler never flinched, never backed down, and he believed he had absolute power. When House observed Tritter chewing the gum and commented on how he’d be back to the cigarettes in a month, it was subtle, but you saw the expression on Tritter’s face change, the realization that House can read people, most importantly him. And I have to believe this persecution of House goes behind payback for being rude to patients. What in Tritter’s past set him on this path of revenge?

Not for lack of enjoyment, but I don’t have a lot to say about this ep. Even though I’m pulling for Nick and Kathryn as a couple, I give the show credit for, thus far, making Ed such a sympathetic character. I thought his analysis of her and her running away from the proposal was spot on and she needed to be called on her, let’s face it, selfish behavior. I’m actually going to feel bad for him when she inevitably calls the engagement off. Before she was running away from a commitment to Ed and now it seems she’s committing to him because things with Nick would be much more complicated than she first perceived. And I’m not just talking about the gambling, but he lives life as he goes rather than having every aspect of it planned out.

Great performance from Susan Sullivan. I haven’t seen her in a dramatic role in awhile and I forgot she had such range. Her breakdown at the bank door also added new depth to a character that I saw as rather self-absorbed.

Jeremy and Franny continue to be too cute for words. And Lizzie stayed up all night talking to Lucas?!?! It’s so wrong, yet they seem so right for each other. There would have to be some huge ass technicality to get him off though.

So Malcolm and his family are being spied on. My guess is it’s the bank doing it in attempt to find leverage to use against him after he tried blackmailing them into setting the wrongful death suit.

Nick and Egan continue to be roomies. Hell, for the washing dishes alone I'd keep him.

Anyone have a BSG vid idea they’d like to see come to fruition? k_julia is doing BSG-only, Insanity-Light Vidding Project. All characters, pairings, and seasons are fair game. And while I know what you are all thinking, no, I did not ask for Lee/Laura vid. :p See, now you have to go look if you’re curious. ;)
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