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BSG Ep 6: A Measure of Salvation

AKA 'My Boyfriend's Back' ;-)

Superficial observations first…

Fandom consensus seems to be that the black tee shirt is a keeper. ;-) First I get Tim Daly in a black tee and now Jamie. Someone in TV land is looking out for us gals. ;)

Fleet haircuts! I have to admit to missing Gaeta’s curls, but this does seem more regulation. It’s also a clear sign that they are getting back to being a lean (literally), mean fighting outfit again. The command structure is also starting to become clearer and probably would have Cain spinning in her grave if she had one. Watching Adama, Lee, Helo, and Gaeta interrogate Simon and later when Lee presented his plan to Laura it struck me that the command structure had become very casual, very much like a committee. Each person was able to openly voice their opinions, give recommendations, and interject without being smacked down. Perhaps Adama sees this as a necessity. It would be extremely difficult for Lee just to keep his mouth shut and take orders after commanding the Pegasus and as a major he can’t be expected to take orders from Helo, a captain.

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…OMG! LEE AND LAURA TALKED!!! TWICE!!!!! No, I didn’t see anything shippy so don’t worry I went completely off the deep end. It was just so nice to see them interact in the way that they use to. He seemed very much her military advisor again. In turn, it must have been nice for him to have someone listen and respect what he was saying. And the show managed to establish that the two of them were, once more, on the same page while Helo and Adama questioned the decision to wipe out the Cylon race.

Now, let me back track a bit. I have to say this episode was a bit of a let down. Maybe it’s because after six hours of so much happening and tensions running so high that, even though this episode dealt with the ramifications of genocide and the possibility of losing one’s humanity, reactions were pretty low key. Then again, we are dealing with characters who, for the most part, keep their emotions in check making Lee’s seemingly inappropriate laughter one of the more jarring moments for me. Yet, it has since dawned on me that it was actually in character. I thought back to his interactions with Kara, most notably in KLG and TCH, and Zarek in BM and certain remarks he made to them were tinged with bitter laughter. Now after everything that’s happened, everything he’s been through, the guy who has pretty much been dismissed the past couple months sees a way out of this. There was more than a hint of pride and confidence when he stated, “I think I just thought of a way to solve all of our problems.”

I also feel the episode suffered from a long build up. We didn’t we get to the heart of the story until about twenty-five minutes in. And, personally, I was rather bored with the Baltar/D’Anna/Six scenes which seemed to go on for too long. They did establish a few interesting points though. The Six in Baltar’s psyche seemed intent on protecting him as much as she could. And were her instructions to Baltar meant to spill over into reality and be misinterpreted by D’Anna who seemed genuinely touched by his “I believe in you/I love you with all my heart.”? There was some really nice acting by Lucy in her final moments on screen. But these scenes had nothing to do with the A storyline and I felt as if I was watching two different episodes and neither was fully fleshed out.

I can’t recall Sharon and Lee having any significant scenes together before. It created an odd dynamic on screen given what we know of Lee’s feeling about the Cylons in general and Sharon specifically. It may not have been her, but it is still the image of her he sees shooting his father and we got some nice, subtle clues as to how Lee is still unwilling or unable to accept her - nor does he trust her.

Lee only refers to Sharon as Sharon once before quickly changing how he addresses her to Athena. It’s interesting choice on many levels. Athena is, in essence, her human name - the name of a human god and a name given to her by a human. It’s also her call sign, a reminder of whose side she is now on. Perhaps most importantly it is unique to her and it separates her from every other Cylon in that room. It’s actually a neat bit of psychology to use on the fly like that. Lee was also quick to point his gun at her as she approached the other Cylons. And once back on Galactica and in the debriefing, Lee chooses to refer to Sharon as “Karl’s wife”. That struck me for two reasons. First, I don’t think he’s ever called Helo, Karl, and it was another indication of a friendship forming between the two. (I also noticed in the next scene that Lee found it difficult to look at Helo as he was advocating wiping out his wife’s race.) At the same time, Lee is being very dismissive of his friend’s wife. Even though she was on the mission and did her duty he doesn’t see her as one of them.

I had a debate with myself whether Lee’s words and actions are in character or not. Would Lee Adama the idealist advocate genocide? Yes. Lee has fought and been willing to die for the preservation of human ideals, but Lee makes it clear that he still views the Cylons as no more than machines. Whether he’s right or wrong in that belief is debate for another day, what is important is that is what he believes. And Laura makes the point that is in line with his thinking - yes, as Helo states they may lose a part of their soul, a part of their humanity, but therr will still be a civilization around to damn them if they see fit. Helo and Adama are looking at the here and now; Lee and Laura are looking at the future.

I also believe that with everything Lee has been through he’s become harder, more of a pragmatist. Lee had the fate of the fleet, of humanity, in his hands a short time ago. He went back to New Caprica to help save these people and, in essence, he sees a way to do that again. It also harkens back to ‘Bastille Day’ when Adama challenged Lee to make a stand, pick a side. He’s doing that now and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him so confidant in his choice.

As much as it jolted me to hear Lee give the order, “Head shots, OK. Let’s do it,” and realize that he was going to be one of the executioners, we’ve seen his ease with killing grow as the show has progressed. He’s had a gun pointed at Zarek and Sharon and he executed Phalon for the greater good. Shooting members of a race he sees as merely things should be relatively easy for him, which breaks my heart a little, but I also have to respect him for laying forth this plan and following through with it himself.

The most shocking moment of the night though, for me, came from Helo. I had the same ‘Oh, no you just didn’t say that’ response as Laura did when Helo tried to defend the Cylons by stating they tried to live with them on New Caprica. Helo, I love you, but do not go there. They did not want to live with you, they wanted to control you at best, exterminate you at worst. Does he really have no clue what happened down there? Has he not read a single report or been to a debriefing? Why the hell does he think Kara and Tigh are acting as they are? Did Tigh gouge his own eye out? I’m just dumbstruck. Sharon was even briefly on the planet, she saw things, she knows, I’m just, I’m just speechless.

I’m also pissed at Adama. Helo committed treason, he was even prepared to be punished, and yet Adama does nothing. Lee merely questioned Adama’s rescue plans and was told he had a fat ass and ordered to get out of his sight. So the morale of all this is that if you agree with Adama you get off scott free. Yeah, I don’t see the Lee/Adama relationship being good anytime soon.


The opening shot of the raptor making its way through the sea of dying raiders was pretty cool.

At first I was a little embarrassed for Lee and his freak out when the supposedly dead Cylons started to move. But that is so Lee. He can be scared like that and panic and, to be fair, who amongst us wouldn’t freak out at the realization that you may now be surrounded by a ship full of Cylons?

Favorite line: “Their fraking resurrection ship is gonna overheat.” I love the marine whose name escapes me.

The survivor count is at 41,420. So two people died since ‘Torn’? Off-screen I guess.

The red dress is back! I could have done without the soft porn though.

And Doc Cottle is back! And Helo is copping an attitude with him! Dude, if you knew anything about New Caprica, which you don’t, you’d know Cottle treated humans *and* Cylons. Gee, maybe he tested the humans first because they didn’t know how the virus would affect them and Sharon still appeared healthy?

Can the flu survive in space? Could fetal blood really protect Sharon? ::hand waves::

Kara was grounded for a day? ::waves again::
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