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Podcast for 'A Measure of Salvation'

No spoilers, but I have a splitting headache and I'm not sure how coherent this all is. :/

The episode, as scripted and shot, opened with Adama and Sharon in a raptor. Adama wanted to see for himself what was going on out there and decided to scope out the exterior of the basestar. He asks Sharon for theories and then gives the order to go ahead and board the ship. The show was running long and this was cut.

The raptor moving through the sea of dead raiders was not scripted and added in FX.

Lee leading the marine team was a holdover from idea of Lee joining the marines. Ron then rehashed what he said last podcast about abandoning the idea when they decided on a different arc/goal for this season. He did mention this being ‘part of his evolution as marine officer’ and going with some other comments (forthcoming) he made I get the impression we may see more of Lee in this manner.

There was more banter cut from Hot Dog and the other pilots/marines reacting to the dead Cylons.

Ron brought up that once they saw the dead ships maybe they should have been more cautious about boarding. Since they haven’t seen Cylons have the same health problems as humans they decided they could get away with the decision.

Ron, too, thinks it’s odd to see Cottle in uniform.

Originally, the beacon was brought back to Galactica. There was a sequence where they went back to the Hybrid chamber, wrapped it in a radiation blanket, and loaded it on the raptor. Cottle was to examine it and determine what the virus was, etc. Later, they’d launch the beacon towards the Cylon basestar. This didn’t work, having the Cylons flee from a beacon, and it was cut. Yet, that would have left the beacon aboard Galactica and they didn’t want to have to deal with it in future eps so the entire story was cut and the beacon was left aboard the Cylon baseship.

There was more of James being naked. The intention was to have him appear more defenseless and vulnerable, but with James it came off more humorous and leached all the seriousness from the scene.

And, once again, thank network interference – it spared us from a longer torture sequence and more sex. Though I find it humorous that Sci-Fi has an allowable limit of pelvic thrusts and climaxes are a no-no.

Apparently they are thinking about Lee’s character. In the scene in Adama’s quarters Lee is a harder ass (nope, I won’t say it ;) and the hard liner of the group. He’s in a tee instead of uniform and it signals a slight shift in Lee’s character. He’s more of the warrior and a little less upright – that role here is Helo’s.

Following the meeting in Adama’s quarters the question is asked, ‘Why would they ever tell us anything?’ Adama states, ‘I know who I can to get them to talk’ and then we cut to Kara going to the cell and having a conversation with the sick Leoben. It’s a reversal of the previous situation. She’s turning the tables on him. She knows of a way to keep him alive and tortures him with the possibility. But he starts tapping back into her, bringing up Kacey, her destiny, etc, while the other Cylons listen. As scripted, the Six model says she’ll talk, but it was deemed unusual for a Six to rollover so quickly. They then decided they hadn’t used Simon effectively (Duh) and that he could reflect the idea of the Cylons wanting to live. He’d spill his guts without going through the machinations with Kara and Leoben. The Kara/Leoben interaction also felt like a tangent and didn’t go anywhere. They wanted to get to the heart of drama, the potential genocide story, and not dip back into the Kara/Leoben storyline.

Nothing to do with the podcast, but I thought I saw a pic of Laura and Billy on Laura’s desk. Anyone have a TV bigger than 27 inches to confirm?

The genocide debate mirrored the discussion in the writer’s room.

One of the takes of the scene in Helo and Sharon’s quarters had Helo walking in to find an upset Sharon. As he asks what’s wrong and fears the worst, she jumps up, tells him she’s fine, and kisses him. She was ‘faking it’, playing a joke on him. Given the previous scene, they felt the tone was wrong. Besides, if she was still sick she would not have been allowed out of isolation. Ron also comments on Sharon pulling Helo’s pants down and ‘going to blow him in their quarters’. Don’t ever write fanfic Ron.

An idea from an earlier ep they never followed up on was a discussion between Helo and Dee and where they all would be living. Helo says something about they’re moving into Sharon’s old cell. Ron wishes they had done that.

Sharon talking about her oath to Galactica and taking it seriously is a character defining beat and shows she’s turned a corner.

Originally, Sharon was the one who went in and secretly shot the Cylons in the head. That was changed when they decided they did not want her to betray the uniform.

Before the attack, Helo was in the ready room and as Adama lays out the plan he asks to be relieved and is by Adama. It’s why he’s not in CIC and no one is looking for him. While it creates a slight discontinuity, it would have given away what was about to happen.

Adama believes in his heart what they were doing was wrong and, therefore, is not going after Helo for his actions. There were lines scripted for Laura in which she was angry and wanted to go after whoever did this (she suspects it’s Helo) and have them be punished. Ron deemed it ‘harsh and unnecessary’ and we didn’t want to see him put in the brig. I think many of us would disagree.

The idea of it being a race to earth was talked about since the beginning of the season and even considered at the end of last season.
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