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BSG Preview Clip

The clip up at the Sci-Fi site for next week's ep is fairly spoilery, so for those wishing to remain 'pure' you may want to skip it. Sekrit message to beccatoria - it looks like I was right!

Ron, seriously, you are killing us with the Lee/Helo. And Tahmoh, did you have to give Jamie/Lee THAT LOOK? The one that tells him what you are going to be doing to him after the match. OMG! The fic possibilities!

Putting aside fanon, I appreciate that it looks like a friendly match between the two. Opponents generally don't smile and tease each other like that if they want to kill each other. I guess Helo got over Lee wanting to wipe out his wife's family. ;)

Lee seems to be obsessing over a couple things that happened in the waking up naked in the great outdoors. And that's the first kiss between Lee and Dee where I actually sensed some passion.

So Kara and Anders are back together...sort of. She's using him for sex (damn, she just can't get past that even with her husband) and he seems to want a relationship. I think I heard him right at the end, he wants her back?

Dee seemed less upset about Lee and Kara and more like she hopes whatever it is they can get it out of their systems.

Now we have to wait two weeks?! Damn pilgrims. :(

ETA: wisteria_ posted caps of the preview clip HERE. The show is nothing if not pretty. :)
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