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A Potpourri of Thoughts

First things first, I love my mother, I like doing things with her, she has a lot of wonderful qualities, but I will be doing the Snoopy dance of joy when she can finally move back into her house. It amazes me now that I lived at home as long as I did.

Don't get me wrong, she is being very considerate and not trying to be underfoot or intrude in my business. It's just that it's a small apartment and I need my space and alone time, which is hard to come by right now. I try to entertain her, but even when I do go off to do something on my own briefly there's some question that needs to be answered or something explained. For instance, we learned yesterday not to use the phone while I'm on the internet or my connection is cancelled. Then we learned how to turn the cellphone on so as to not repeat what just happened.

My mother is an interesting person - she knows alot of stuff and is for more with it then most people her age. How many 60 year olds will bring up out of the blue why J Lo and Ben are never going to marry nor will he ever get the ring back? Yet, she then turns around and asks me how to use the cable remote.

Right now she's busying herself stocking my regfrigerator, emptying the dishwaser, and fixing my bed - the one I never fix. Honestly, I don't mind this since she's not the nosy type. I know she's not going through my closet or drawers. Good thing, since it's probably best Mom does not know what her "baby" has in some of them.

Now, with my power being out for two nights and my internet access limited by Mom's presence, I've been trying to catch up on my "friends" LJ's. My question is, I only have friended about a dozen or so people, how the Hell do some of you with 80 or more friends keep up??? Perhaps a lot of skimming goes or there are a lot of speedreaders on the net. Frankly, I do skip entires - especially Buffy spoliers since this once spoiler whore is trying to stay strong and keep the finale a surprise. Plus, as much as I love reading the thoughts of others on a wide variety of topics, if I see something on "gardening tips" or "tips on sacrificing your neighbors pets to Satan" - two things of no interest to me - I'll probably just skip it.

On the other hand, I never found myself terribly interested in Little House on the Prairie until diva_stardust clued me into the darkside of the Ingalls clan. I have to say, with this new interprtation of supposed family entertainment, the seamy underbelly of life on the plains is becoming clearer. And, tell me if I'm wrong, but didn't Laura and Mary share a bed for sometime on the show? Couple that with Mom and Dad downstairs trying hard to produce a male heir and no wonder Laura latched on to Manly at age 15.

Dang, out of time right now, I shall have to save my thoughts on Buffy, spoilerdom, and fandom for later. I had an epiphany today that if I don't like the finale, it's my own damn problem.

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