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BSG Moving

Thanks to a heads up from inlovewithnight I did a little research and according to TV Guide Battlestar Galactica is moving to Sundays at 10 come January. Sure, more people are home then, but this seriously fraks up my late night chatting and next day posting/discussion. :(
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I understand the reasons for the move, but like you I'm really gonna miss being able to stay up FOREVER to discuss the episodes. I can maybe make it to midnight without being TOO tired the next day, but it's so much nicer when I can be carefree and have the whole weekend ahead of me. Oh well, I guess now it'll be more like my Alias phase when that was on at 9pm on Sunday and was the final hurrah of my weekends.
Yeah, I can stay up to about Midnight too and not really have it affect me the next day, but unless I'm feeling completely unispired by the ep I'm not going to be able to get all my thoughts down over my lunch hour. I suppose it's like when 'Buffy' was on Tuesdays at 9 though I didn't do the chat thing so much. It's funny, apparently the ratings are starting to inch up again and now they announce the move. Perhaps they are thinking they'll have another 'The X-Files' - that didn't break out until it moved to Sundays.
They really are determined to make things as sucky as possible, aren't they?

I like having the show on Friday night, damn it! It's a great way to decompress at the end of the week, I can stay up late and watch the repeat at 11 and then download the episode the next morning at my leisure. And now they're going to screw that up. Grrrrrr!
ITA. It might actually help the show, but it's a blow to us die hards.

I checked out the Sci-Fi site to see reaction. Good grief. I think my favorite post was by the guy that claimed networks only ship shows off to Sunday to die. Um, then explain how 'The X-Files' and 'Without A Trace' saw their ratings go up when moved to Sundays. Or the success of 'Desperate Houswives' or 'Grey's Anatomy' and, hey there seems to be a little show called 'The Simpsons' that has been on a few years. ;p

I am a little puzzled by SciFi's motivations here. I understand the idea is to get the ratings up, but they have an existing audience well-trained to watch on Fridays (at least until they broke apart the SciFi Friday block of shows) and no guarantee that people kicking back with their Sunday night procedurals and soaps will want to switch over to something so intense.

On the plus side, I can catch the earlier viewings since I won't be at work.
I just posted some additional news. Apparently it's being paired with The Dresden Files and this could be a good thing. From what I know, Sci-Fi has high hopes for the show and it also leads me to believe that Sci-FI might be looking to build a second night of strong programing. Yeah, it will cause us all to have to get into a new discussion flow, but people said a move to Sunday would be the death of 'The X-Files' and look what happened. (Not that I want BSG to run four or five seasons past when it should have ended. ;)
God, EVERYTHING in on at 10 pm on Sunday! Friday was so much better, there were no conflicts.
I actually don't watch anything at 10 on Sundays, but I do have to work the next day so, in that respect, the move sucks for me. Maybe I'll start taking late afternoon naps in January. :/
I don't want Sci-Fi is doing. they just keep screwing with their time slots like crazy where it is a big show like BSG or be quick to move Threshold to Monday. I wish they had more faith in the slots and just try something on Sunday like Enterprise Sundays for example.
It seems they are pairing it with 'The Dresden Files' so their may be a method to their madness.
wtf? i'm asleep in bed sundays at 10. how lame (of me and them)....
If you lived closer I would come over and keep you awake. Of course, I could just call you during commercials and jolt you back to consciousness.
WTFE, SciFi. I can stay up till 10 on Friday nights, but staying up till 11 on Sundays is impossible for me. Oh well, I'll be a next-day watcher.
I saw we establish a new rule in fandom right now - No Posting Until Monday Nights. No one can squee and/or rant until we can!