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Let me preface this by saying I've been very cranky since this afternoon and that perhaps my mood has affected my views on this episode. But, I have to say, after all the hype I was left with a feeling of 'That's it?'

For a moment I thought this might be really good. When bitchy cheerleader was having the top of her head sliced off the moral of the story became 'Don't take credit for other people's accomplishments'. With all the focus on saving Claire, it didn't dawn on me there might be a case of mistaken identity.

Then the ep turned into 'X-Men 4'. As soon as Peter, Mr. I Can Absorb Powers, had prolonged, close-contact with Claire I knew his death would be momentary. (And I hope Matt gets brought into clear him, because I really don't want to see Peter sit in a jail as the wrongly accused man for weeks on end.) This was followed by Eden pulling a Professor Xavier and getting into Syler's mind to manipulate him. Maybe we'll next discover that Jean Grey Sylar was being controlled by Claire's dad until he reached his breaking point and went all psycho killer.

Nikki, Nathan, and Hiro had token cameo appearances. They either need to trim the cast or not worry about including everyone every week.

And all I can say about the preview is please, please tell me they are not going where I think they are going with Nikki/Jessica.

End of Rant.
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I figure I have to get my use of it while I can. "Is It Sunday Yet?" doesn't have the same ring to it.
My TiVo cut off just at the point where Hiro introduced himself to the waitress. What was the last snippet I missed?
He tells her he's there to save her life, and she doesn't know what to say about that. They're interrupted by her co-workers and friends who surprise her with a birthday cake. She goes to get her picture taken, and motions for him to join her. And he smiles because yay he's a hero! :0D
And, of course, Peter had contact with Syler and how will that, if it does at all, play into his ability to absorb.
And yeah, too many people cluttering up the story right now.
Maybe Peter can kill off a couple cast members before the Sylar effect wears off? ;-)
Given that we saw Jessica throw her father against a wall and announce 'It's me Daddy, Jessica' and there was another clip of Nikki sitting by her sister's grave my guess is that her sister died and got absorbed into her and we really are dealing with an evil twin. :/
Ahh.. In my hormone-ravaged brain I couldn't put 2 and 2 together.

So, you don't like this storyline?
So, you don't like this storyline?

If I'm right then, no, I don't like. Partly because it's predictable and partly because I swear I've seen it done somewhere before. 'The X-Files' maybe?