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The Chicago Tribune talks about the BSG move to Sunday. I'd link the brief article, but the promo pics they used may be considered spoilery so I shall just repeat the pertinent information. Apparently, Sci-Fi will be airing The Dresden Files at 9 followed by BSG. OK, I have to admit, assuming The Dresden Files is decent, this may not be a horrible combination. I definitely prefer it to Doctor Who eps that most of us have actually already seen.

And while this is largely a spoiler-free zone, I did see talk of casting news for Season 4. YAY! if this indicates Season 4 is a go. Michael Trucco made a surprise appearance at the SGA con in Burbank this weekend (it seems he's firends with one of the guests) and announced he had signed a contract to be a regular. Now, I don't believe that means he's going above the title, but will be on par with Aaron, Kandyse, etc and may have a small role or not appear at all some weeks. The guy has grown on me this season and, honestly, the thought of him dying and heaping more angst on Kara was not something I was looking forward to.
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