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I enjoyed this episode for so many reasons. The ducklings, particularly Cam who I feared came *this* close to caving, standing up to House. Cuddy for coming up with a well reasoned argument to write House a prescription. Wilson's attorney for his line, "Which is really unfortunate because you are pretending to be you." The young actors - the youngest two for being cute without being too cute and the patient who made me feel his pain and I'm not talking about his physical anguish. And House for being an SOB 99% of the time, but being absolutely genuine when he told the patient, "Good for you." If Foreman wants to still find heroes in this world, selfless individuals who meet his impossibly high standards, do not look to a sick eighteen year old in a dead end job with no future trying to raise two kids to paint a rosy picture of the world for you.

I'm was also happy to see Wilson finally reach his breaking point. Robert Sean Leonard was magnificent in a moment of barely contained rage so strong he can't even look at House because he knows he's about one sentence away from saying something that would break the relationship beyond repair. And it's not even that I'm mad at House for not going to Tritter because if Tritter wins here he's going to feel even more empowered and who does he go after next? No, my problem (and I believe Wilson's too) is that House was so damn flippant about the whole thing. Your best friend, your only friend has had his assets frozen, his car impounded, and his ability to treat his patients taken away and you make it all about you. From the looks of the preview for next week it seems like House may be forced to buy himself a clue, I hope.

While I think the ramifications of Tritters investigation/persecution are interesting, I hate the investigation itself because there is not ont one single thing about it that is plausible. It's hard enough to get the privileges and licenses revoked of doctors who have been charged with a crime, there is no way in hell that a doctor that may be lying would be put through this. And Cuddy and the hospitals team of lawyers are quick to defend House even when he is guilty, yet Wilson gets no support? Suddenly, the continuity errors on BSG are less rage inducing to me.

And anyone want to start placing bets on when House and Cameron get horizontal? Could the looks they exchanged while she was helping him with his sling have been anymore obvious?

And in terrifying news, I'm actually thinking about downloading the latest ep of SGA to see how the mid-season cliffhanger gets resolved. Though I guess 'Stargate' is on the same schedule as us?
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