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First the show gives us Tim in a black tee shirt and now they give us Tim without a black tee shirt andpants. Woo Hoo!

Ok, now that we have the superficial out of the way...

I really like how they jumped six hours ahead via the family's POV. I was concerned with how they were going to keep the story of what happened inside the bank interesting because, let's face it, there must not have been a crisis every moment. This was an excellent way of progressing the story while still learning about the characters as well as their family.

Speaking of the family, I also appreciate that the show is taking the time to develop the secondary characters in such a nuanced way. It would be easy to just make them convenient plot devices, or quickly recognizable cliches, or just forget about them altogether, but each and every character here feels real to me. Jeremy's parents struck me as slightly overbearing, but also very loving and sincerely wanting the best for their son even if it doesn't quite fit with what they want. His dad really wasn't going to push him until the bomb shell about the baby and how could you not ask why they aren't trying to work things out after that? Nick's failed marriage is shown as being both his fault and his ex's - while Nick's gambling problem may have played a role, it's also hinted that Juliana may have a drinking problem and an admitedly bad temper.

When Jeremy finally revealed his secret and it pretty much was what I thought it would be. I hadn't surmised the details, but I had a feeling that something happened that caused him to put his own life ahead of Lizzie's. I can understand why Lizzie could no longer be with him. It would be hard choosing to spend your life with someone when you know they chose to leave you behind at your darkest moment. But I also don't think this makes him a horrible person and I think Lizzie believes that herself. And Scott Wolf did a great job of making me sympathetic towards Jeremy. He's carrying around a boat load of guilt and I think he will continue to do so, quite possibly for the rest of his life. He's not the man he thought he was and for an essentially good person that is a tough burden to carry. I wonder if this will make him a better doctor though now that he's stripped himself of his God complex.

One thing struck me about Jeremy and Lizzie's post dinner conversation and that's how both were acting like one would expect or at least hope adults would act. They were talking *to* each other, sharing how they really felt, and then moving on. How rare is it to see two characters on TV have a conversation like that? And, really, that the characters act their age applies to each and every character on the show. Whatever Nick and Juliana's problems were, when she needed help we see Nick step right up to do whatever he can. Nick congratulates Ed for his engagement to Kathryn and is sincere. Malcolm chooses to act every bit the father and drives Franny to see her mother.

As soon as the Mayor spoke to Kathryn about arranging a talk to discuss her future I saw the beginning of the end for she and Ed. There's every indication that Kathryn is good at her job, but she's also a celebrity now and that is going to cause Ed to get passed over for the DA's job. This will cause him to be resentful (not that I blame him) and she'll ultimately accept the position because, while I think she is looking to make some life cahnges, this has been her goal for years and she's an ambitious person.

For Franny's sake I hope she can enjoy some sort of relationship with her mother. It sounds as if the woman had some mental health issues and I'm guessing she left her kids because she felt it was in their best interest. And it must be incredibly painful that just as she tries to reconnect and decides to give Eva some space she loses her daughter and will never have another chance to make amends with her.

Is anyone making 'Is it 2007 yet?' icons? I know I need one. Yet another co-worker was dealt some devestating news about a family member today. And heap this on top of general work insanity and I just want to sleep until January.
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