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Happy Turkey Day!

I decided to peruse LJ before Mom comes over. I think we are heading out to see The Fountain, which has gotten very mixed reviews, but, hey, it's Hugh!

The kick ass wisteria_ has found a link to a new promo airing on Sci-Fi for 'Unfinished Business'. It totally reveals what happened between Lee and Kara to bring them to the point they are now and it's freaking me out that I predicted the scenerio several weeks ago when beccatoria and I were discussing spoilers. So, yeah, big old spoiler warning, but if you plan on watching Sci-Fi or any NBC/Universal stations between now and next Friday there is a chance you'll run across the commercial.

David Eick's video blog has been updated It's EJO on the set filming and discussing 'Hero' so there is mothing spoilery.
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I watched the promo - way to give everything away, SciFi! I'm...well, I'll withhold judgment, but I hope it's not entirely based on what we're seeing. As you know.
I have a feeling that is pretty much it. Though I suspect that we may at least see more of Kara's reasoning behind her actions, otherwise, why do what she did? I mean, isn't this what they both want? Is she that terrified of being happy? And while I can understand Lee choosing not to speak to her after this and carryng around a lot of anger (he's naked with her in both body and soul), how does this explain the weight gain? And way to screw Dee over twice. Marry her on the rebound and then pack on thirty pounds. Though it strikes me that what Lee is doing is not that far removed from what Dee did to Billy. And she doesn't question Lee's eagerness to marry right after Kara and Anders do? It strikes me that Anders may be the only 'innocent' one in all this.
I love that video blog. It gets Adama's rank wrong and they can't even manage to spell Roslin's name correctly.

OOOH, let me know what you think of The Fountain. I've been looking forward to seeing that for months but the reviews have given me pause.
Roslin's name jumped out at me. Of course, this is the same network/show that got Kandyse's name wrong in the credits of the premiere.

I'll do a more detailed write up tomorrow, but, overall, I enjoyed 'The Fountain'. And OMG HUGH WAS SO HOT! =)
It's so predictable and yet I am SO EXCITED. And even though we pretty much know what happened, I'm extremely curious about "what happens now?" How do they get past this? It'll probably take the rest of the season, so I'm looking forward to seeing that journey.
I really hope they find some peace with each other by the end of the episode. I miss them interacting with each other and I don't want to watch a season of animosity.
I think that Lee will start to let go of some of his anger toward Kara, cause at a certain point it's just not worth spending so much time hating someone, especially in the circumstances they're living in where there are much more important things to be expending energy on.
Same to you! We're going to see Casino Royale later this evening.

As for the BSG spoiler, I'm actually a bit surprised, at least if it's what I think you're intimating. Can't wait to see how it plays out.
Let me know your opinon on 'Casino Royale'. I've been on the fence about seeing it.
Go see it! I thought it was excellent, and I'm not a big Bond fan. Cindy, who is, felt it was the best Bond movie she's ever seen. Daniel Craig was really, really good, and he's got that ruggedly handsome look that works for a younger, less experienced Bond, and I think he'll grow into the role very well, if they make more. The plot was interesting, and because it was based on an Ian Fleming story it seemed to have an air of authenticity, more of the not so glamorous side of what it's like to be a OO agent.
Given it's a holiday weekend, I'm thinking I'll wait until maybe next weekend, but thanks for your thoughts. It seems it is worth my time and money. ;-)
Whoa! Well, it's about time they start going over what happened throughout that year on New Caprica.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! I'm off soon to see Casino Royale as well. I miss them when I can't spend holidays with them, but it's so nice not having to deal with family on my days off. :P
Must be 'Casino Royale' day. ;) You'll need to let me know what you think too. I know it's gotten great reviews, but I need the opinions of people I trust. :)

And WHEN are you posting these new icons??? OMG, you are killing me woman!
SO GOOD. Seriously, I almost turned right back around as soon as it was over and bought a ticket to the next show. But then I saw that everyone else had finally finished digesting Thanksgiving dinner and had come to the movies, so I thought it was time to head home. ;) But seriously, go see it as soon as you possibly can! I didn't think Daniel Craig was that hot when they first announced he was cast as Bond, but oh my holy fucking God! (Pardon my French.)

And I hope to post a decent size batch of icons soon, as in this weekend. But then nytel had to go and post some new Jamie pics... ;)
My mom and I went to see 'The Fountain' at 12:30 and the theatre was dead. Actually, we were the only two people in our theatre ;), but we assumed it would be zoo-like after people ate. I'm thinking I won't get to see 'Casino Royale' this weekend, but maybe next off the strength of your recommendation and LynnB's. :)
It totally reveals what happened between Lee and Kara to bring them to the point they are now and it's freaking me out that I predicted the scenerio several weeks ago when beccatoria and I were discussing spoilers.

This is totally true. I vouch for your prescient powers.

Though if I were you, I'd take advantage of your obvious gift for prediction and start predicting scenes which include both the President and her Military advisor discussing issues in a professional hot manner.
But, see, Lee and Laura having an extended scene in which they show their amazing chemsitry and unspoken love for each other would be unpredictable and the show can't have any of that with their ships! ;p