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BSG 'Unfinished Business' Preview Clip

For those with Comcast On Demand, the preview clip for next week is up. It's very, very spoilery.

The clip begins with Lee standing up and shouting into the night sky, "My name is Lee Adama and I love Kara Thrace." Kara is gigling on the ground.

Lee: "It's not like anyone will hear. We're in your cabin in the forest, right?" (Not sure what that is about, but they must have been having some discussion before Teh Sex.)

Lee: (Again shouting at the top of his lungs) "I love Kara thrace and I don't care who fraking knows"

Kara: "You're crazy. Get down here."

Lee: "I won't stop until you do it too."

Kara: (Still giggling) "I can't"

Lee: "OK, I'll do it again. "Lee Adama..."

Kara agrees to do it and jumps up, with her arms wrapped around herf because she's obviously quite cold. She starts saying "Kara", hesitates, then begins again and yells, "Kara Thrace loves Lee Adama."

She laughs some more then turns to Lee and they kiss. When they break the kiss she gets this serious, 'OMG what have I said' fearful look on her face.

We then cut to the boxing ring and Lee landing a hard blow that sends her to her knees. Both are badly beaten and bloody. Lee is saying something to Kara that we can't hear over the noise of the crowd. (I think I made out 'frak' though) and we see Helo telling her to get up. She them looks up at Lee and uses her leg to kick his legs out from under him. When he tries to get up, she kicks him in the face sending him spinning around and landing face down on the mat. I got the impression that from there we cut to his POV in the flashback since we had just seen evenst from her perspective.

Now, after seeing this clip I have to say I think it's Kara's "I love Lee Adama" that causes the rift and his downward spiral. He looks so fricken happy proclaiming his love for her and even happier hearing her say it. In his mind, this was it, they loved each other and were going to be together. But to have her tell him that, then disappear, and find out she married Anders, yeah I get why he can't bring himself to have anything to do with her. And I think I get why she did what she did, but from his perspective I can understand the rage and the hurt. And while I don't see this as cheating on Dee per se since I think he believed that relationship was over, that he marries her on the rebound/to get even is the wrong thing to do for both of them. Though, given Dee's actions with Billy my heart doesn't bleed for her as much as it could have.

Oh, and I think we get a glimpse of Jamie/Lee's ass. ;-)
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Man, I really can't decide how I feel about any of this. I'm looking forward to watching it, I guess, but...

I don't know. I'm conflicted. (And also sick unto death with a horrible cold, so forgive incoherence.) I mean, thinking about the last part of s2, she kicked him in the face so many times, metaphorically speaking, and he's still crazy in love with her enough for this? Really? I mean, I know it happens in real life, but...

Meh. Maybe it's just been too long since I *watched* s2.5 and I'm forgetting things. Or maybe it's the fact that I'm not a Kara fan. I dunno. But I'm all conflicted and my head hurts and I guess I should just stop typing. Yay for sweaty boxing-ness, yay for ass-of-Jamie/Lee, and we'll just have to see about the rest of it.
I know how you feel. I do think the show has played it as if Lee's had strong feelings for Kara for quite some time, at least as early as 'Colonial Day'. And in 'Scar' it was obvious he was looking for something more than a quick frak and that's all Kara wanted.

I guess my big issue with all this is you have one party (Lee) who wants to be together and the other (Kara) who was in love once before (Zak) and got terribly hurt so now she's so afraid of getting hurt like that again she has one night stands and ultimately marries the safe second choice. Which is lousy because a) I honestly believed she loved Anders (look at how emotional she was when he said he couldn't be with her) and b) she'd be less broken up if he died instead of Lee???

And like others I'm a bit worried about them using physical violence to resolve there issues. At least we know from last weeks promo that it's Kara that challenges Lee because I just don't see him being that confrontational.

Hope you feel better soon!
ZOMG. I seriously love you for writing this! Even if I can't see the clip, because I do not have Comcast On Demand, this still totally made my day. You wouldn't happen to know if this is up for download anywhere, would you? Still. You are so awesome! And totally right about your speculation about The Rift. Whee!

Is it Friday yet?
I think Comcast just put the clip up this morning (I've been checking everyday) so maybe later today someone will have it uploaded for viewing. I'd upload it myself, but I have yet to figure out the process and I'm on my way out the door right now.

And you're welcome. :)
You know what my big beef with this is - and surprisingly it's not that the end result was that Jamie had to wear a fat suit that was unrealistic and made him look horrible/looked bad? It's that the reaction that Moore and Co (since blame/credit gets passed around all the time these days) is completely out of character for Lee. Lee subverts his own life into duty. And even if there weren't duty to do, he'd make duty up. He'd throw himself into something painful and difficult and numbing, not go munch on a few bon bons.


Also, my question is why the Chief and Adama fight is all "unfinished business". As far as I know they get along. Maybe there was a big blow up with the Chief opting to go planetside? GAH. Why am I trying to find logic on this show again? Hee.
I've been thinking about the Lee/Kara stuff far too much. I have no problem with them having sex and declaring their love (in rather an odd manner, but it appeared to me that they were a bit inebriated), it's that I have trouble understanding why Kara would choose to blow it? I get she has self destructive tendencies and that she lost one man she loved and she fears going through that pain again, but I still have trouble rationalizing her marrying her second choice and not being as happy as she could be on the off chance that the relationship could go wrong. I always thought she stayed away from Lee romantically because she feared losing him as a friend and isn't that just what she ended up doing by not being with him? OK, my headache is getting worse.

As for your point, yeah, I am just not seeing AT ALL how the weight gain figures into any of this. And I've been led to believe that Kara's actions were a trigger. HOW? The woman he loves tosses him aside so he'll make himself undesirable? As much as I love Lee he can do that with his personality, he doesn't need food. Or are we to believe he was so wrapped up in Kara that once he lost her he didn't care about anything or anyone? Please do not let that be the case. Lee is not that pathetic. He lost his mother, his home, and his life, he ain't giving up over some girl.

I don't know what is going on with Tyrol and Adama either. I think it Tyrol that challenges Adama. I can't imagine Adama, in a position of such authority, choosing to take on a subordinate. The only thing I could think of is he has some anger at being left behind and almost losing his family on New Caprica, but we've seen nothing from him to indicate that is the case.
*averts eyes*

I'm glad I disconnected my digital/On Demand box otherwise I'd be much too tempted to watch this! I suppose I could always redo the, too much effort and too much spoilage! I can wait, really I can!

*runs away with hands over eyes*
EEK! Thanks for the heads-up. I just found it on Charter OnDemand and managed to record it onto my TiVo. Now I need to figure out a way to convert the file to an .mpg and post it online. ;)

Thanks for posting a link. I was going to try and find a way to do it when I got home, but I have a headache right now and not up to deciphering the mysteries of uploading. ;)
The thing that makes me most curious about this revelation is the fact that Kara challenges Lee. As this is being presented in spoilers, it's Kara's frak up, and Kara usually knows when she's frakked up - her challenging Lee like she's got a beef with him is therefore interesting to me.

I'm hoping they don't explain Lee's weight gain as specifically tied to this event. I can buy it (though it was poorly portrayed on screen) as a result of apathy and lack of goals, but not as a result of rejection. That does not give proper space to either Lee's sense of personal responsibility or his respect for his wife - not that he married her for the right reasons, but that once he did marry her, he'd be committed. Dualla was his way of coping with Kara's rejection. The weight gain was his way of coping with something else.

I don't have a problem with Kara loving Sam or this invalidating it. I'll be curious to know what state her relationship with Sam was in when she dragged Lee off to "her cabin in the woods" but I do think she loves him. Mainly because Kara loves easily and quickly when she loves. She's always searching for approval, and Sam is very, very easy to love in that way. She ran away from a scary commitment with Lee to a safe commitment to Anders, and whether that's "true" love or not (whatever "true" love is) it's a strong feeling and accounts for her later actions.

So...yeah. I'm interested in this episode. I'm looking forward to it. I'm wondering if Kara's challenging of Lee is part of her post-New Caprica identity of trying harder to get hit harder.
See, I took Kara's challenging Lee as a way of saying enough with the avoidance and anger and let's get this over with. I think she knows she frakked up and, who knows, maybe she tried mending fences earlier and he turned his back on her. They've done their fighting/reconciling publicly before and, sadly, it usually takes some verbal and/or physical assault to bring each to their senses. So she sees an opportunity for them to get this out of their system and move on. It's far from healthy and reinforces some of the worst attributes of both, but I think I see where she is coming from.

::waits for the icons of them punching each other to appear::

I can buy it (though it was poorly portrayed on screen) as a result of apathy and lack of goals, but not as a result of rejection.....Dualla was his way of coping with Kara's rejection. The weight gain was his way of coping with something else.

I hope you are right because, really, I don't see how Kara's treatment of him would lead him to binge eating nor does it fall in line with anything we know of Lee Adama.

Okay, you know I'm new at this so give me a little background help. So far all I've seen between Lee and Kara is indifference. I know that they were supposed to be friends (and apparently a bit more) but that hasn't shown up in Season 3 (at least that I've seen). So what's the scoop? Prepare me for this Friday. :)
Well, frak, where to start? Ok, in the beginning (the mini series ;) we learn that Lee and Kara have not seen each other in two years - not since the funeral of Lee's brother, Zak, who Kara was engaged to. It's not that they had a falling out, but Lee blamed his dad for Zak's death (Adama pushed him to become a viper pilot and Zak died during a training flight) and when he stopped speaking to him, Kara, who had grown close to Adama, I think became collateral damage.

Soon we find out that Kara, not Adama, was responsible for Zak's death. See, she was his training instructor and even though she knew he didn't have a feel for flying, she passed him because she let her feelings get in the way. She confesses this to Lee who takes it pretty darn well. Adama finds out several episodes later and doesn't take it so well. But soon after the revelation Kara's viper is shot down and there is a frantic search for her and you see how much both men care about her.

At the end of season one, we see Kara having sex with a man. Close ups on various body parts, writhing, etc. At the pivitol moment she calls out "Lee" accept we soon discover she's in bed with Baltar. Oops. I'm guessing she had a little too much to drink at the Colonial Day celebration the night before. Later, Lee finds out through deductive reasoning what happened between she and Baltar and acts all jealous, reeming her out and embarrassing her in front of the deck crew and they end up punching each other. Soon after, Kara ends up taking off on a mission on the instructions of the president which leads to a standoff between Laura and Adama and that's a whole other story.

Lee (who is with Laura and part of the fleet) and Kara (who is stuck on Caprica) reunite about six episodes into season 2. The first thing Lee does upon seeing her is give her a big hug and kiss. She's startled because, in the time she's been gone, she's hooked up with Anders on Caprica. Good feelings quickly turn to bad feelings when Lee sees Kara has shown up with Helo and Caprica Sharon because the Sharon on Galactica tried to kill his father. Lee eventually realizes he's been an ass to her and tries to make nice. As he's talking to her he casually (I emphasize casually) says he loves her and she teases him about it.

To be continued because this was too long for one reply!