Asta 2

Well, Crap

I knew with all the Bamber goodness the past few days, shmarollynn making a gorgeous set of icons with me in mind, nolivingman finding the classic "As God is my witmess, I thought turkeys could fly" clip on You Tube, and romanticalgirl being inspired to write WKRP in Cincinnati fic that something was about to cause my giddiness to come to a screeching hault.

ABC Pulls 'The Nine' from It's Schedule.

Dammit. Why can't Tim Daly find himself another hit show?! And thank goodness I decided to DVR all the eps.
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They've made it this far, they couldn't give the show a full season and then cancel it? They just had ordered more scripts!
How can they order more scripts and then change their mind two weeks later? Grrrr. And I'm sure whatever they're going to run in its place won't cost any less.
What the hell is with this shit, anyway? Ugh. I hate ABC. They ordered more scripts, yet put it on a shelf and are filling up it's time slot with 20/20 and Primetime? Hollyweird does not make sense. Yet Lost will be back...don't get me started on them. Ugh.
At the rate the networks are going it will all be game shows and news magazines and then they'll wonder why we are watching cable.
I can recommend "Dirty Jobs" with Mike Rowe (rrrrrowl), Discovery Channel. The networks, in alphabetical order, suck.
Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.

At this point I'm just hoping for a DVD release cause I did NOT record these. Otherwise, downloading can be my friend. :)
Well, if you provide your info on the other post Santa may deliver you a little gift. ;)
Noooooooooo. I hadn't watched this week's ep yet but am putting it on now.

Dear ABC, you suck.

Is Six Degrees still on? Dear ABC, you suck even more.

BTW, I had never that WKRP clip... or WKRP period until the other day. That may be the most brilliant thing ever.

Is Six Degrees still on? Dear ABC, you suck even more.

Um, you've had a rough night, I think I'll answer that later.

You've never seen WKRP?! You've been deprived! Yes, the Thanksgiving episode is considered a television classic and that one line in particular may be one of the most brilliant lines of dialogue ever written on a TV comedy.
I never saw it, but the fact they canned a show with Tim Daly in it sucks. :(
Tim Daly in a black tee shirt has been taken from us. The world is a very cruel place. :(
Well, nuts. And I just got done watching this week's episode, too. Dagnabbit, ABC.
Crap. I liked this show even though I missed two episodes (one a few weeks back and the last one). I have been taping them (for later dubbing to DVD-R). grrrr. I say ABC should have burned off the rest of the 13 instead of pulling it. ABC may think pulling a series to air it later is good, but they have not followed through on that many times before (Veritas, Miracles, Eyes).
Damn! And I agree, what does Tim Daly have to do? I hate ABC. That's it, the one and only show I tuned into on that network. They are dead to me.