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Weekend Wrap Up

Eep! I just bought a printer (with scanning capability!) online and one I never looked at in a store. But a) it was a Canon, which is the brand I wanted b) it’s well reviewed and c) Amazon had a really good price on it. Plus free shipping and I can avoid the stores. Wheeee!!! Hopefully, it will be here by next weekend so I can start printing stuff I need to be printing.

I also downloaded a decent photo manipulating program last night which I’m trying to get the hang of. It doesn’t have some of the features my old adobe software on my old computer had and I miss those features terribly, but I can’t master anything complicated in the next couple weeks nor do I have the extra money at the moment to spend on actual software. Now, if I don’t find something to help me format cards people may be getting flyers this year. ;p

Ok, I confess, I downloaded Stargate Atlantis: The Return Pt 2 and I may have enjoyed it. I feel so much shame.

Since I’ve been watching early Stargate episodes recently (no, I did not quit watching and, yes, I need to do an oft delayed write up on that viewing) it does strike me that RDA is not as good as he used to be as Jack. I won’t say he’s phoning it in because there was a pretty impressive sequence in ‘The Return’ in which he has to rescue John and his team by manipulating controls in a flooded control room and he probably could have seen the script and said ‘No way’. But there is something off about his performance. It’s like he’s overdoing the comedy, sarcasm, whatever you choose to call it just a little bit. I do have to say he and Woolsey made an amusing team and Woolsey actually showed a lot more backbone than I expected from him.

While I ultimately found the solution to eliminating the replicants and saving Jack, Woolsey, and Atlantis plausible (within the context of the show) and satisfying, the number of times Rodney came across a problem forcing the plan to be changed seemed excessive. I’m still not sure if it was Plan D they used or Plan D was actually Plan C. And I would have liked to see some reaction to all of the Ancients on Atlantis being wiped out. Um, I know I’m not an expert on the complicated history of the Gates, but that seemed like a big deal to me.

Now that the team is “home” and back together with some major redecorating ahead of them, I’ll be interested to see where they go from here. Good grief, that means I have to keep downloading. :(

After the dumbasses at ABC took The Nine away, I should be severely tempted to turn my back on the network, but, damn, Ugly Betty just gets better and better each week. I looooved last weeks episode and not for Betty, but for Daniel who rocked in so many ways. First off, for a pampered rich kid whose parents were probably largely MIA from his formative years I was impressed with the respect he showed the Suarez family. Getting them a tree was just enough of a nice gesture for having thrown up in four rooms of their house. I really feared he was going to go overboard and hire a team of decorators. But then we’d have missed out on seeing him experience what he missed out on all these years. It almost broke my heart when he didn’t know how to start directing the tree and how adorable was it to see him so touched by Justin handing him his ornament to place at the top of the tree along with the family’s ornaments. Of course, now that he has bonded with the whole clan (even helping to reinforce that whoever Justin is it’s OK), I’m sure that he’s going to be the one, either through money or connections, to get Betty’s father out of jail and obtain a green card.

Daniel also found time to declare his love to Sofia. OK, I find it hard to believe he’s in love with her after knowing her for such a short time, but I appreciate that he’s no longer hopping into bed with one woman after another and sincerely wants to be in a serious relationship and share his life with someone. Plus, we get Salma Hayek sticking around longer. I really like her and she and Eric Mabius have a nice chemistry.

The other thing I found very interesting is that Daniel seemed very content hanging around the house all day while Betty seemed to enjoy (looking past the stress of working with am insane stylist) dealing with the latest crisis at the office on her own. It made me wonder if they were setting up a scenario for waaaaay down the road.
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