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A-HA! Eden is/was evil! She was facing jail and Bennet gave her a way to straighten out her life. But will it stick? Is it all an act? We shall see.

Can we drop Mohinder's overly-dramatic, supposedly profound, but actually cliche ridden voice-overs? Please.

If it hasn't been written already, someone is now writing Peter/Nathan incest slash.

Wow. A lot happened in six months. Couldn't they have made it a year?

Personally, I think Hiro talking to Hiro would make the universe expload, unless it was the Stargate universe which defies physics and logic.

Nathan learned he could fly at a really bad time. I wonder who wanted to run them off the road? The mob?

Nikki's split personality/evil twin is the result of childhood abuse. Dear writers of ALL TV shows, let's drop this tired cliche.

The reason I should have been paying closer attention is because I seemed to have missed something in regards to Sylar going all psycho killer. Hiro wants to be special too, but he's not going around dissecting people's brains to do it. I did like the actor though. Can we keep him and dump Mohinder? Seriously, do we need him on the show?

Btw, they gave us Eden and now Gabriel? Real subtle people.

Tonight I tried to explain the Lee/Kara relationship to reckleslinguist who just started watching BSG this season and thus doesn't get what the potentially big deal is about this weeks ep. I'm thrilled to bits she's watching after all my threats coaxing, but have you ever tried to summerize that relationship to someone new to the show?

Note to joools, I like all music accept country, rap, and teen pop. ;)
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